Alumni bands (updated Nov. 18) and friends & alumni attending generally

The following are the alumni band rosters as printed in the program. In case of errors or omissions, corrections will be announced from the stage and the corrected roster will be included in the CD/DVD release.
All alumni are still welcome to play during the Friday 6-10 p.m. reception and at the Nov. 22 after-party. During the Friday reception, Mark Taylor will invite a 70s band to play that includes the players listed listed below for the 70s and others from the 70s and before. Other than that, as far as I know, the playing on Friday and at the Saturday after-party will be informal and either small group or big band. We'll have a big band book there to choose charts from.
--John Murphy, Nov. 19, 9:31 a.m.

1970s and before
Alumni musical coordinator: Mark Taylor (composer/conductor)
Faculty coordinator: Mike Steinel

"Love Beams" by Mark Taylor
"The Groove Merchant" by Thad Jones

Alto saxophone: Dan Higgins, Joe Eckert, Roger Dismore
Tenor saxophone: Lou Marini, Colin Wenhardt, Frank Battaglia, Mark Henderson, Pete Brewer
Baritone saxophone: Jim Pritchard, Roger Holmes, Jon Stone
Trumpet: Jack Evans, Jay Saunders, Sparky Koerner, Dave Zeagler, Mike Steinel
Tenor trombone: Tom "Bones" Malone, Ken George, Chris Seiter
Bass trombone: Bill Franklin, John Osborne
Piano: Scott Bucklin
Guitar: Chris DeRose
Bass: Kris Berg
Drums: Gene Glover

Alumni musical coordinator: Glenn Kostur (baritone)
Faculty coordinator: Steve Wiest
Note: roster is different for each of the two tunes
"Gazing on the Mindless Expanse" by Chip McNeill
Roster for this tune:
Saxophone: Dave Pietro, Tamara Schultz-Danielsson, Chip McNeill, Gunnar Mossblad, Paul Baker
Trumpet: Frank Greene, Mike Williams, Dave Spencer, Vern Sielert, Todd Davidson
Trombone: Keith Oshiro, Bret Zvacek, Mike Bogle, Eddie Clark, John Wasson
Piano: Kelly Durbin
Guitar: Bruce Saunders
Bass: Gerald Stockton
Drums: Mike Drake

"Another Day, Another Chance" by Bret Zvacek
roster for this tune:
Saxophone: Will Campbell, Randy Hamm, Dave Riekenberg, Warren Sneed, Kevin McNerney
Trumpet: Mike Williams, Frank Greene, Dave Spencer, Vern Sielert, Todd Davidson
Trombone: Scott Whitfield, Bret Zvacek, Hans-Heiner Bettinger, Greg Cox, Eddie Clark
Piano: Lisa DeSpain
Guitar: Bruce Saunders
Bass: Gerald Stockton
Drums: Mike Drake

Alumni musical coordinator: Alan Baylock (composer/conductor)
Faculty coordinator: Jay Saunders

"Wink" by Neil Slater
"Hey, That's My Bike!" by Brad Turner

Solos on "Wink":
Buddy Mohmed, bass
Bruce Bohnstengel, alto saxophone
Aric Schneller, trombone

Solos on "Hey, That's My Bike!":
David Lown, tenor saxophone
Frank Basile, baritone saxophone
Chris McGuire, tenor saxophone

Alto saxophone: Oscar Garza, Bruce Bohnstengel
Tenor saxophone: Alan Burton, Eric Morones, Chris McGuire, David Lown
Baritone saxophone: Frank Basile
Trumpet: Pete De Siena, Eric Guerrero, David Anderson, Akira Sato, Vern Sielert
Tenor trombone: Aric Schneller, Brian Davis, Bob Swanson
Bass trombone: Joshua Brown, Joel Keene
Piano: Raleigh Dailey
Guitar: Kevin Brunkhorst
Bass: Buddy Mohmed
Drums: Rodrigo Villanueva (on "Wink"), Andrew Fockel (on "Bike")
Percussion: Gary Eckert

Alumni musical coordinators: Jason Levi (trumpet) and Stockton Helbing (drums)
Faculty coordinator: John Murphy

"That" by Neil Slater
"Askew" by Aaron Lington

Alto saxophone: Jonathan Beckett, Stephen Clothier
Tenor saxophone: Tom Luer, Clay Pritchard, Marcus Wolfe
Baritone saxophone: Aaron Lington
Trumpet: Jason Levi, Dave Richards, Ken Edwards, Paul Tynan, Jay Jennings
Tenor trombone: Paul Compton, Carl Murr, Stephen Smith
Bass trombone: Bryan English, Benjamin Polk, Chris Kozen
Piano: Josh Hanlon
Guitar: Kevin Brunkhorst
Bass: [b]Jeffry Eckels
Drums: Stockton Helbing, Andrew Fockel

Alumni & friends of UNT Jazz attending or possibly attending & not already listed above
Howard Fuerst, Natalie Fockel, Tyler Summers, Bill Collins III, Robert Scribner, Tony Marvelli, Chris Bullock, Mike Smith, Brian Mulholland, Patricia Higgins