Workshops - Summer of 2017

Registration for all of our workshops is OPEN at

Lynn Seaton Jazz Double Bass Workshop at UNT, June 12-16, 2017

UNT Vocal Jazz Summer Workshop, June 18-23, 2017.

UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar, June 15-17, 2017.

UNT Jazz Combo Workshop July 9-14, 2017
NOTE on March 8: Drumset enrollment for the jazz combo workshop is full and we have started a waiting list.

More information on each workshop: Bass | Vocal Jazz | Combo

UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar

(This page has been updated as of January 21, 2017.)

Registration is OPEN at

The 2nd Annual UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar will be held on the campus of the University of North Texas from Thursday, June 15 through Saturday, June 17, 2017.

The seminar will be led by UNT Director of Vocal Jazz, Jennifer Barnes, and multi-award-winning high school educator, Michael Molloy (St. Charles North High School, St. Charles, IL). The seminar will be packed full of content relevant to high school and college-level teachers who either are already working with students on vocal jazz or are considering starting vocal jazz with their students, with topics to include:

Every attendee will come away with materials to take home and apply to their teaching immediately. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are offered, if desired, for a nominal fee (see below). Attendees will also have the option of staying for the 5-day workshop at the conclusion of the seminar for even MORE immersion in all things vocal jazz, at a reduced additional tuition rate of $400 (vs. $570).

Enrollment will be limited to 20 educators on a first-come, first-served basis in order to guarantee hands-on experience. Remaining spots as of Thursday, 04/20/2017: 18 spots

Out of town participants should plan to arrive by Thursday afternoon, June 15. Those who fly can choose either DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport) or DAL (Dallas-Love Field). Individual rides may be arranged for those who request them, or participants may use a shuttle service to make the approximately 45-minute commute from either airport to the Denton area. The schedule for the seminar will be as follows (subject to slight changes):


12:30 p.m. LUNCH BREAK
5:30 p.m. DINNER BREAK

12:30 p.m. LUNCH BREAK

NOTE: Anyone wishing to stay for the UNT Vocal Jazz Summer Workshop (beginning Sunday, June 18 at 3 p.m.) will need to complete a separate registration form for that workshop (the link to that registration can be found here:

Tuition: $300 
(Must be paid in full by May 15)
Early Bird Tuition (if tuition paid in full by March 1): $250
Continuing Education Units Certificate (CEUs): $15
(Optional) Reduced tuition for the 6-day Vocal Jazz Summer Workshop following the seminar: $400
Cancellations must be made on or before June 1, 2017 to receive a refund of your fees, less the $20 processing fee and the $80 tuition deposit. No refunds will be issued after June 1, 2017.

We have special arrangements with the lovely and convenient Courtyard by Marriott Denton for a discounted group rate of only $91 per night (guaranteed if booked by 5/16/17). Here is the link you MUST use in order to get that special rate:

For any further questions, please e-mail

"Hey Vocal Jazz Educators! Just letting you know that the UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar was fantastic! Nice two-day workshop, low stress, high interest sessions, great people to learn from and with! TONS of helpful information, methods, and thought-provoking ideas and philosophies. I highly recommend it for next year when you are wondering if you want to do a workshop. This one is IT! You WANT to do it! Thanks Jennifer Barnes and Curtis Gaesser. Fantastic weekend learning from the best."

Marcy Spencer, Director of Choirs
Gilbert H.S.
Gilbert, AZ

"The UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar was well worth the effort.  I learned a great deal in the planning, organization, and delivery of a successful vocal jazz program.  All educators with vocal jazz as part of their schedule should consider this seminar".
Kent Ellingson, Director of Vocal Jazz
Booker T. Washington HSPVA, Dallas

"Whether you're beginning a vocal jazz ensemble or have years of experience directing one, this workshop will have details that will improve your teaching. The demonstrations with sound gear, rhythm section (especially working with a drummer), and vocal jazz ensemble rehearsal techniques really made the experience worthwhile. The instructors were open to answer any question and shared many of their personal teaching experiences with seminar members, which was really appreciated. I would highly recommend this workshop to any colleague!" 

John Stafford, Assistant Director of Music and Director of Choral Activities
Kansas City Kansas Community College

"The UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar was a power-packed two days, literally 
covering every aspect of vocal jazz directing and teaching. From seminar directors 
Jennifer Barnes and Curtis Gaesser I learned techniques and gained insight that I'll 
use with my students at my school. If you are looking for a way to take your jazz choir
to the next level, look no further...highly recommended!"

Dr. Michael Pagán
Director, Bravo! Jazz Singers
Ottawa University

"The UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar is an incredible opportunity for ensemble directors at the high school and collegiate levels to get an in-depth breakdown on the full spectrum of details which go into establishing a program of high caliber musicianship in your ensemble. Facilitators Jennifer Barnes and Curtis Gaesser are at the very top of their field, and their willingness to share their talents as educators and "insider knowledge" was a gift beyond measure. This seminar is a must-do event for anyone serious about creating and maintaining a successful vocal jazz ensemble program, which fosters students to not only excel as performers, but grow as finely-tuned, musical members of their community as well."

Kate Duncan, Professor of Popular & Commercial Music
Loyola University New Orleans

UNT Vocal Jazz Summer Workshop

(This page has been updated as of January 21, 2017.)

Registration is OPEN at

The UNT Vocal Jazz Summer Workshop is one of the premier summer workshops of its kind. We will host our 22nd annual workshop on June 18-23, 2017 on the campus of the University of North Texas. The workshop begins with registration on Sunday, June 18 at 3 p.m. and concludes with a final concert on Friday night, June 23, ending at 9 p.m.

Watch this video for an 8-minute preview of what you can expect during a week at the workshop!

All experience levels are welcome, from age 14 - 99! For information on costs, travel, scholarships and other details, please read the information below carefully, including the "FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)" section, which probably will answer most questions you may have.

Also, feel free to visit and "Like" our Facebook page at:

If you have questions about your Registration during or after the process is complete, please contact the Jazz Studies office at

For one intense week, participants are involved in every aspect of vocal jazz, from solo and ensemble performance to improvisation, pedagogy, songwriting and jazz theory. Educators may attend a daily class devoted to vocal jazz directing, programming, and rhythm section.

  • Everyone is placed in ensembles according to their age and experience. (Middle school through educators and other music professionals. You'll receive your music and recordings to prepare in advance!)

  • Ensembles rehearse daily, preparing for the Friday evening public concert.

  • Classes in theory and improvisation begin with the basics--everyone solos.

  • Solo coaching sessions prepare singers for their evening solo performances.

  • Music educators will have a session each day with Jennifer Barnes that will focus on topics including repertoire, performance aesthetics, rhythm section and sound reinforcement equipment.

  • Jam session at the end of the week to try out improvisation skills with a rhythm section in a "real world" setting.

  • Daily listening sessions to guide participants to both HOW to listen well and what to listen to for inspiration!

  • Songwriting class offered to those with some proficiency in music theory (tested at registration for the week), taught by Rosana Eckert. Skills are learned as well as composing a class song that is performed at the end of the week.

    Workshop faculty for 2017 will include:

    • Jennifer Barnes (Director of Vocal Jazz at UNT, professional singer/arranger/clinician)
    • Rosana Eckert (UNT vocal jazz faculty, professional singer and recording artist)
    • Greg Jasperse (Director of Vocal Jazz at Western Michigan University, professional singer/pianist/composer/arranger/clinician)


      How much does it cost to attend the workshop?
      Full participant tuition: $570
      Auditor tuition: $300
      Tuition for educators who are also attending the preceding VJ Educator Seminar: $400
      Deposit (due at time of registration): $80
      Late fee (if balance not paid in full by May 19, 2016): $30
      Lodging: $145 - 190 for Sunday check-in to Friday check-out (price is higher or lower depending on choice of single or double room, which you'll indicate on your registration form)
      Meals: $140 (3 meals a day for 5 days, additional meals extra)
      Under 18 supervision fee: $35
      Airport ride: $25 each way, $50 RT
      On-campus parking for the week: $6
      Workshop t-shirt: $10
      Additional cost for extra nights of lodging and meals.

      What does it mean to be an auditor as opposed to a "full participant"?
      An "Auditor" will come to the workshop and observe every aspect of what goes on just like the fully registered participants, with the following distinctions:
      1. Auditing participants will not perform in one of the two small jazz choirs (approx. 12-16 singers) on the final concert, although they may perform on the all-workshop piece directed by Jennifer Barnes on that concert. They may also observe all ensemble rehearsals.
      2. Auditing participants will not receive individual vocal coaching or perform solo pieces during the Monday - Thursday evening concerts, but again, are welcome to attend and learn by observing.
      3. Tuition for an auditing participant will be $250 (instead of $495 for a full participant). All other fees (housing, food, travel) are the same whether you are an auditor or full participant.
      This role of being an auditor may be especially desirable for people who:
      1. Do not have time to do any preparation in advance of the workshop, since full participants have to learn ensemble music AND memorize two solo songs PRIOR to coming to the workshop, or...
      2. Have scheduling challenges with being present for the entire day, every day of the week.

      I'm coming from out of town, so into which airport should I fly - DFW or DAL (Love Field)?
      You can fly into either DFW or DAL. DFW is the larger airport that most people use, but either one works!

      How can I get from the airport to campus?
      We provide a UNT shuttle van service for a fee that is less than the "Super Shuttle" or comparable services to bring you directly from either airport (DFW or DAL) to campus. More details will be provided on the service and the fee once we know how many people need the service (in the past, the cost has been approximately $60 round trip).

      Where will I stay while at the workshop?
      Some attendees commute each day, some stay in local hotels, but most find that staying on campus is the most convenient and economical option. There is dormitory housing available very close to the music buildings on campus.

      Do I have to be there ALL day, EVERY day of the week? What is the daily schedule like?
      We request that everyone plan to attend all of every day and night, whether you commute or stay in on-campus housing. Exceptions can be made for specific circumstances. The daily schedule is quite full and goes from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. with a variety of activities and breaks for meals and solo performance coaching sessions. You will have a specific daily schedule made available to you after registration.

      I am a classically-trained singer/educator with very little exposure to jazz so far, but would like to learn more about jazz so I can sing/teach it; is this workshop for me?
      Yes! Although some familiarity with jazz is helpful, all that is required is a desire to learn and a willingness to TRY new things! You may wish to consider the auditor role if you have NO background in singing jazz, but it's not required that you do so, and we're here to help. In addition you may find it beneficial to attend the Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar that precedes this workshop. See below for more information.

      I heard there's also a shorter seminar you offer just for educators. What's that about and which one should I attend if I'm a teacher?
      For the second year, the 2017 UNT Vocal Jazz Summer Workshop will be preceded by a pre-workshop "Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar" from Thursday afternoon through Saturday, June 15 - 17. It will be led by UNT Vocal Jazz Director Jennifer Barnes and phenomenal award-winning high school educator, Michael Molloy (St. Charles North High School, St. Charles, IL) on the campus of the University of North Texas. The seminar will be packed full of content relevant to high school and college-level teachers who either are already working with students on vocal jazz, are thinking about starting to explore vocal jazz with their students, or any current or future teachers who want to know more about: rhythm sections, repertoire, sound reinforcement, rehearsal techniques, auditions, warm-ups, etc., and everyone will come away with materials to take home with them and use in their teaching immediately. Attendees will also have the option of staying for the 5-day workshop at the conclusion of the seminar for even MORE immersion in all things vocal jazz, for a reduced rate. See this page for more info: UNT Vocal Jazz Educator Seminar

      I've heard that everyone is required to sing solo songs on two evenings of the workshop. I've never done that before and don't think I want do it...can I come anyway and NOT sing on the evening concerts?
      We encourage everyone to keep an open mind about this aspect of the workshop...of course, we don't MAKE anyone do something they absolutely refuse to do, but let's just say that once at the workshop, we've never had anyone NOT change their mind and decide they wanted to sing yet! We really strive to make the experience as non-threatening as possible and encourage people to take risks and be willing to try to do the uncomfortable things that invariably end up being anywhere from "not as scary as I expected" to "that was a BLAST and I can't wait to do it again!"

      I'm not sure about my summer plans yet. How late can I wait to register for the workshop?
      We do not have a "hard and fast" answer to that question because the enrollment cutoff date is fluid, depending on total enrollment numbers, needs for particular voice parts, and other variables. We will accept enrollments continually until we max out, which is usually around a total of 40 students. At that time, we will post an update to that effect here on the website and also on our Facebook page. We usually end up needing and wanting additional male attendees, so we tend to keep accepting them up until the week before the workshop. Note that since payment must be made IN FULL by no later than May 19 (one month prior to the start of the workshop itself), there is a $30 late fee for making the remainder of payment anytime after that date, regardless of whether you have made a deposit or any other kind of payment.

      What if I register and then have to cancel?
      Cancellations must be made on or before June 5, 2017 to receive a refund of your fees, less the $20 processing fee and the $80 tuition deposit. No refunds will be issued after June 5, 2017.

      Are there scholarships available?
      In order to keep the tuition fees as low as possible, we do not offer scholarships UNTIL such time as our enrollment meets a certain critical number and we have met our expenses, therefore, we cannot guarantee any scholarships. However, in the past, we have been able to offer a small number (2 or 3) partial scholarships of $250 towards tuition fees. Anyone who's interested in being considered for those scholarships should e-mail the program director, Jennifer Barnes ( and send the following:
      1. A link to a LIVE, unedited vocal performance of yourself singing (with either a backing track or live accompaniment),
      2. A brief statement including information about your background and why attending the workshop would be of particular interest and value to you.
      We will acknowledge receipt of that information and will notify you in the event that we're able to offer you a scholarship. Since we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to offer scholarships, we highly recommend that anyone interested in attending go ahead and register with a deposit, and if possible, make their full payment by May 21 (to avoid the late payment charge), then if a scholarship becomes available, we can refund the scholarship amount.

      How can I confirm that my deposit or full payment has been received?
      Please contact Christopher Walker by e-mail at or call (940) 565-3743.

      What people are saying about the UNT Vocal Jazz Summer Workshop

      Educators say…
      “Thank you again for all the training and information you, Greg and Rosana have imparted to us. I said it last year and must say it again, that I have not gained so much knowledge from any other sessions, seminars or workshops as the UNT VJSW. Truly amazing environment and learning!” Sarah S. (High school educator, 2012 & 2013 Workshopper)

      “Thanks again and congratulations on a great jazz week, I really enjoyed myself! Good to sing, good to exchange ideas (and ohhh the handouts), good to see old friends and make few new ones too.” Rita S. (High school educator, 2012 Workshopper)

      Parents say…
      “[My daughter] had so many positive things to say about the camp and I'm certain she'll want to return next year! Being so far (NC), I wasn't able to attend the performances, but with the recordings, I was able to get a feel for the quality of instruction and I am VERY impressed! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!” Sheryl C. (mother of high school-aged 2012 Workshopper)

      “Thank you and all the instructors for hosting an amazing camp program. [My daughter] can't stop talking about how much fun she had and how much she learned. In the few hours she's been home, I've seen YouTube video of all the instuctors, heard funny stories, seen great pictures and even heard [her] sing! If she had her way, she'd be with you another week. I appreciate the organization and professionalism of your camp. Money well spent!” Mia J. (mother of high school-aged 2013 Workshopper)

      Adult vocalists say…
      “I found the workshop hugely inspiring in so many ways. The piece that [Jennifer] and Rosana created on the spot that brought to mind a pair of songbirds in the woods -- took my breath away. Circle singing. New music to explore, thanks to guided listening. I could go on and on...glad I took the plunge and ever grateful for your encouragement.” Gita M. (adult 2012 Workshopper)

      “Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks again for the wonderful workshop…tons of information, terrific faculty, and well worth the money! : ) Very happy camper here (pun intended).” Wendy H. (Educator/Vocalist Workshopper)

      “Words cannot express how much I enjoyed the camp. I learned so much and I am excited for the journey of jazz. :) Thanks for everything!” Alyssa R. (Adult Workshopper)

      Students say…
      “Thank you so much for the great week, I had a fantastic time and I learned so much! It was really helpful to realize how much I don't know. And now that I do I can improve and learn and be better by the next time I see you. Thanks for all the fun times and new knowledge.” Amy A. (High school-aged Workshopper)

      For further information, contact Jennifer Barnes by e-mail:

  • Lynn Seaton Jazz Double Bass Workshop at UNT

    The 17th Annual Lynn Seaton Jazz Double Bass Workshop at The University of North Texas will be June 12-16, 2017. Registration is OPEN at

    Prof. Lynn Seaton has established himself as one of the leading performers and teachers of jazz bass in the world today. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his Annual Jazz Double Bass Workshop. This intimate workshop is limited to 15 upright bass players. (The UNT Combo Workshop accepts electric and upright bass players.) These spots are first-come/first-served, and thus your spot is not fully secured until you have made your Final Payment and completed registration.

    Remaining spots as of Thursday, 04/20/2017: 10 spots

    You can learn more about Professor Seaton on his website .

    Topics to be covered include:

    The Lynn Seaton Jazz Double Bass Workshop will offer an intensive week of study and performance opportunities for the jazz upright bassist. Classes include bass line development bass ensembles, and daily sessions on technique. Also, participants will have an opportunity to perform with a rhythm section and be coached. Outstanding faculty concerts will be presented throughout the week. It starts with registration early Monday morning and concludes with the Friday evening Bass Bash concert where ALL the participants will perform. The Lynn Seaton Jazz Double Bass Workshop is open to advanced high school (14+), college, professional, and serious amateur bassists.

    If you are new to the double bass, please consider attending Professor Bradetich's beginner or intermediate workshop. Here is the link: Annual Bradetich Beginners and Intermediate Bass Camp. For information about workshop registration, contact the Jazz Studies office at or (940) 565-3743. For information about the workshop content, contact Lynn Seaton, (940) 369-7639; email:

    Photo by Jack Unzicker. Click for larger version. LYNN SEATON JAZZ DOUBLE BASS WORKSHOP TYPICAL SCHEDULE Out of town participants arrive Sunday evening and check into housing. Monday will start with registration 9-10 AM in the jazz office # 284. The days are typically as follows: 9:30 - 11:00 Technique 11:15 - 12:00 Listening Session 12:00 - 1:30 Lunch 1:30 - 3:30 Rhythm Section Participants take turns playing with a rhythm section and receive coaching. 3:40- 4:00 Technique Review 4:00 - 5:00 Bass Ensembles 5:00 - 7:30 Practice time and Dinner 07:30 Faculty Concert FRIDAY NIGHT WILL FINISH WITH A BASS BASH CONCERT AT 7:30 PM WHERE ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL PERFORM IN BASS ENSEMBLES. FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE INVITED! Most people from out of town check into the dorm on Sunday night and check out Friday morning. You can store your luggage in the workshop room until after the final concert. If you want to stay Sunday AND the following Friday night, check the extra day on the registration form. Photos from the 2016 workshop Click on the image to see a larger version.

    UNT Jazz Combo Workshop

    The 2017 UNT Jazz Combo workshop will be held on July 9-14, 2017.

    Registration is OPEN at Prof. Mike Steinel will serve as workshop director.

    Spaces in each instrument are limitedSpots are not completely secured until Final Payment is made and registration is complete. The list below articulates the remaining spots in each instrument as of Thursday, 04/20/17.
    Drums FULL, 0 spots remaining
    Bass 4 spots remaining 
    Guitar 5 spots remaining
    Piano 8 spots remaining
    Horns 19 spots remaining

    Photos from the 2016 workshop Photos from the 2014 workshop For information regarding housing, meals, or payments, contact us at The Jazz Combo Workshop is open to musicians of all levels (minimum age - 14) and provides comprehensive studies in jazz combo playing and improvisation.

    The curriculum includes: combo, faculty concerts (each evening), jazz history and listening, jazz theory (basic to advanced) master class instruction on bass, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, trombone and trumpet, student concerts and student jam sessions. The workshop begins with registration from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, followed by a brief opening meeting and faculty concert at 3 p.m. Auditions will take place Sunday afternoon. Beginning at 1 p.m. On Friday, all participants will perform in a public combo concert at the UNT Voertman Hall (parents are encouraged to attend). The performance will end no later than 5 p.m.

    UNT Jazz Combo Workshop Faculty
    Will be listed here.

    Typical Daily Schedule
    9:00 - Theory/Improvisation
    10:00 - Listening/Jazz History
    11:00 - Combo
    Noon - Lunch
    1:30 - Instrumental Masterclass
    3:00 - Combo
    4:30 - Individual Free Time
    5:00 - Supper
    7:00 - Faculty Concert
    8:30 to 9:50 - Student Jam Session