07 One O'Clock Lab Band with Brad Leali and James Carter in Thailand, July 2009

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These photos were taken at the One O'Clock Lab Band performance as headliner at the World Saxophone Congress XV on July 11, 2009.  The performance was held on the campus of Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.  Guest artists, featured as soloists with the band on the second half of the concert, were Mr. James Carter, saxophone, and UNT Jazz Professor Brad Leali, saxophone.

The band and the guest artists were enthusiastically received by the packed house of congress attendees and VIPs of Mahidol University and Bangkok, Thailand.  For interviews and/or comments related to the performance, please contact the following (all present at the event):

Dr. Joe Bowman

Asst. Prof. Dr. Joseph Bowman
Professor of Trumpet
D.M.A. Program Chair
Mahidol University College of Music
Bangkok, Thailand
Mobile Phone: +6686-758-9106

Shyen Lee

Professor of Saxophone
Artistic Director WSCXV
College of Music, Mahidol University
25/25 Phuttamonthon Sai 4
Salaya, Nakonpathom. Thailand 73170
Tel. +662-800-2525
Fax +662-800-2530
Mob. +66-81-904-0380

Dr. Sugree Charoensook, Dean, Mahidol University

James Scott, Dean, UNT College of Music

Steve Wiest, Director, One O'Clock Lab Band

Craig Marshall, Manager, One O'Clock Lab Band

Michal Garcia, Photographer and UNT Jazz Studies alumnus based in Asia
+852 9154 4837

Captions by Michal Garcia. Image resizing and this photo page coded by John Murphy.

9333 Ryan Davidson guitar

9347 Ryan Hagler bass

9352 & 9355 James Carter - guest artist saxophones

9369 Clynt Yerkes trumpet

9375 Sam Reid lead alto saxophone

9381 closeup of Ryan Davidson's guitar

9384 Ryan Hagler, bass

9386 Michael D'Angelo, drums

9404 Ryan Davidson, guitar

9456 & 9461 James Carter guest artist (saxophone) with Steve Wiest (Director, One O'Clock Lab Band

9508 & 9510 Steve Wiest, Director

9514 James Carter saxophones

9529 Sean Giddings piano

9535 Michael D'Angelo

9544 Sean Giddings piano

9546 Steve Wiest

9606 James Carter

9624 Clynt Yerkes trumpet

9635 Brian Clancy tenor saxophone

9636 Chris Mike Baritone Saxophone

9669 entire One O'Clock Lab Band (Brad Leali soloing in

9673 Point of View shot from trumpet section (James Blackwell on left)

9688 entire One O'Clock Lab Band (Brad Leali soloing in background)

9710 Brad Leali guest soloist alto Saxophone, Sean Giddings sitting at piano

9713 Michael D'Angelo drums

9723 charts

9774 Trombone section Left to right: Luke Brimhall, Dave Richards, Carl Lundgren

9799 Saxophone Section: left to right: Sylvester Onyejiaka, Collin Hauser, Sam Reid, Brian Clancy, Chris Mike

9816 Steve Wiest

9817 Trumpets Left to Right: Pete Clagett, Thomas Davis, James Blackwell

9818 Sam Reid (flute, normally lead alto saxophone)

9820 Sam Reid, now on saxophone

9829 Trumpets Left to Right: Pete Clagett, Thomas Davis, James Blackwell

9832 Sean Giddings piano

9834 Trumpets: James Blackwell(left side), Matt Timm (right side)

9840 9843 9844 Collin Hauser, alto saxophone

9852 Saxophone Section Left to Right: Sam Reid, Brian Clancy, Chris Mike

9863 Ryan Davidson guitar

9868 9874 9875 Sylvester Onyejiaka, tenor saxophone

9887 9888 Sean Giddings, piano

9889 9891 Steve Wiest, bowing in traditional Thai manner known as "Wai" - to say "Thank you"

9897 9908 9912 James Carter (now on Soprano Saxophone)

9951 9955 9972 Brad Leali (alto saxophone)

9978 Sean Giddings Piano

9991 9992 0004 0020 0038 0046 0062 0066 James Carter, tenor saxophone various images.

0068 0071 James Carter saxophone, with Steve Wiest Director

0074 James Carter says goodbye

0078 Brad Leali alto saxophone pointing

0091 Full One O'Clock Lab Band, Brad Leali guest artist

0102 Brad Leali solo alto saxophone, Sean Giddings Piano

0145 Sylvester Onyejiaka, Tenor Saxophone

0159 Trumpet section Left to Right: Thomas Davis, James Blackwell, Matt Timm

0164 Luke Brimhall trombone (soloing)

0166 Steve Wiest director

0180 Saxophones Left to Right: Collin Hauser, Sam Reid, Brian Clancy

0185 Full Band

0200 Sam Reid with Eugene Rousseau - Eugene's considered one of the leading saxophone performers and pedagogues in the world today.

0202 Left to Right: Eugene Rousseau, Eric Nestler (Saxophone professor at UNT), Sylvester Onyejiaka Tenor Saxophone

0212 Trumpet Section Left to Right: Matt Timm, Thomas Davis, Pete Clagett, Clynt Yerkes, James Blackwell

0217 Left to Right: Back Row: Brian Clancy, Brad Leali, Eric Nestler, Eugene Rousseau, Collin Hauser, Sylvester Onyejiaka, Front Row: Sam Reid, Chris Mike

0218 Rhythm Section left to right: Ryan Hagler, Michael D'Angelo, Sean Giddings, Ryan Davidson

0223 Trombone Section Left to right: Matt Jefferson, Luke Brimhall, Dave Richards, Carl Lundgren, Jason Hausback

0229 Left to Right: Dave Richards trombone, Steve Wiest Director