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2.02 Scholarships

The Jazz Studies program awards performance and arranging scholarships on a competitive basis. These awards also reduce the out-of-state tuition to in-state rates. Applications with references must be sent in and an audition must be performed in one of three ways:
1. In person - a live audition may be performed on one of the College of Music
audition dates that are published each year.
2. By appointment - a live audition may be performed during a visit to campus at a time other than the published audition dates (by contacting the Instructor).
3. By recording. See the Jazz Studies website for the specific requirements for each instrument.

For complete information on scholarships and appropriate application forms visit the College of Music Website (www.music.unt.edu) and the Jazz Website (www.jazz.unt.edu).

Note: Scholarship renewals depend upon a Grade Point Average of 3.0 Minimum (Undergrad), 3.5 minimum (Graduate) in music courses for the academic year and acceptable progress on your instrument.