Prof Goes the Extra Mile for Scholarships

Update on Sept. 30: This fundraiser is completed. I finished all three parts (swim, bike, run) and had a good time doing it. The web page for paying pledges by credit card will be ready soon. As soon as it's ready, I'll send the link to everybody who pledged.

Every year, some students who earn admission to our program can't attend without the help of a scholarship. Like many of my College of Music colleagues, I contribute to a scholarship each year through the Dean's Camerata. This year I wanted to do more. When one of my Jazz Studies colleagues heard I was doing the Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon (Olympic distance) in McKinney, TX on Sept. 30, he suggested I make it a fundraiser. So that's what I'm doing. I invite your pledge towards the goal of $4,000, which will support a four-year commitment to a $1,000 scholarship per year for a jazz studies undergraduate student. If the student happens to be from out of state, the scholarship will enable him or her to pay in-state tuition.

John Murphy
Chair, Division of Jazz Studies
UNT College of Music

Final total: $2,697.65. That's 67% of the $4,000 goal.

Contributors include: Steven Meier, Christie Roden, Lynn and Marianna Seaton, Brian and Kelley Casey, Becky Hughes, Mike Myers, Idit Shner & Jesse Cloninger, Margie Sullivan, V. Lane Rawlins, Julie & Graeme Bice, Pat Gunn, Bryan and Michelle Hurt, Alan Edwards, Carol Pollard, Mike Steinel, Linda Strube, Jennifer & Steve Barnes, Terri Sundberg, Becky King, Ann MacMillan, Judy Fisher, Don Little, Ed & Carol Soph, Pamela Paul, Pamela Acker, Elida Tamez and Theron Palmer, Warren Henry, Laura Ford, Dan & Jill Haerle, Steve Harlos, Chuck Mandernach, Stefan & Jackie Karlsson, Jason Levi, Pamela Sutey, Beth Sutey, Susan Riley, Susan Manuel, Rich DeRosa, Andrew Koehler, Andrew James Bowling, Ana Alonso-Minutti, Aaron and Alyssa Hedenstrom, David Morgenroth, Rosana Eckert, Jay Saunders, Cindy Moen.