Jazz Studies on tour In Sweden and Finland

UNT Jazz studies professors Stefan Karlsson and Ed Soph toured Stockholm, Sweden and Jakobstad and Vaasa, Finland with two selected students from the jazz studies program (Asher Barreras-bass, and Brian Clancy-sax). The quartet performed at schools, clubs and concert halls. Workshops were also held at three institutions. In addition, two new exchange programs are currently being established from their visits with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Stockholm, Sweden and Novia University in Jakobstad, Finland (to begin in Spring 2011).

Tour Schedule:

3/20- Left Denton with students for DFW at 10:30AM. Our plane to Chicago was delayed. Finally arrived O’Hare at 4:30PM…ran towards the international terminal…they closed the door to our plane to Stockholm just as we got through the last security check! Now what…? Well, SAS put us on a Swiss Air flight to Zurich and then to Stockholm from there…got the scenic world route. We arrived in to Stockholm six hours later than originally scheduled. At least we had a day-off that day. Two of the bags were delayed, however, arrived the next day.

3/21- Arrived Stockholm, Sweden at 2:30PM. Hotel Check-in. Students went to Gamla Stan (Old Town) at night…had to see to the castle!

3/22- Meeting regarding the exchange program at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Stockholm (http://www.kmh.se/home.php). Went to the Vasa Museum in the afternoon…definitely something that needs to be explored! (www.vasamuseet.se/InEnglish/about.aspx) Our students went to jazz club “Fasching” at night (http://www.fasching.se/). They listened to student groups from the Royal Conservatory…had a good hang with their students that night.

3/23- Performance and workshop at Sodra Latin Arts Magnet High School in Stockholm (http://www.son.edu.stockholm.se/). This is the premier arts magnet school in Stockholm, and entrance requirements are very competitive. We heard a lot of great talent. We spent 5 hours at their school talking about UNT, performing, workshop with their student groups and a meeting with their jazz faculty regarding pedagogy. Our students went to jazz club “Glen Miller’s” at night…heard some really interesting original music from local musicians. They also met other Swedish and international students from the Royal Conservatory of Music. http://www.glennmillercafe.com/

3/24- Left for Sodertalje at 11AM. Performance and worskshop at Sodertalje Highschool in Sodertalje, Sweden. Evening concert at Estrad Theatre (concert hall) in Sodertalje. The concert was well received and organizers want us back for future projects. http://www.sodertalje.se/pages/17305/Estradprogram_vår2010.pdf

3/25- 6AM wake-up call. Taxi to Arlanda airport…flight take-off at 10:00AM. Air-travel from Stockholm to Vaasa, Finland (1 hr). Drove to Jakobstad from Vasa (90minutes). Arrived at hotel in the late afternoon. Evening club gig at “Jazzoo”. Sound-check at 6PM and gig started at 9PM (2 sets). http://www.jazzoo.fi/

3/26- Arrived at Novia University at 10AM (http://www.novia.fi/main.asp?id=87&menu=kultur&sektor=kultur). Performed and gave workshops at Novia University. Our day was done at 4PM. Dinner at 7PM and back to the hotel.

3/27- Hotel check-out and drove to Vaasa at Noon (club gig at jazz club “Doobop” at night) http://www.doobop.fi/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=162&Itemid=14. Hotel check-in at 2PM. Students room was not ready…took a walk around town. Got back to the hotel…room had been upgraded. Their room had a beautiful sauna in their bathroom (with cool slippers and bathrobes)! Sound-check at 6PM. Went to dinner and then started the gig at 10PM (2 sets).

3/28- 7:00AM wake-up call. Air travel from Vaasa (10AM) back to Stockholm, Sweden. Hotel check-in at 2PM (Arlandia Hotel at the Arlanda airport). Dinner at night…hit the bed.

3/29- 6AM wake-up call. Hotel shuttle to terminal 5. Left Stockholm for DFW at 10AM. Changed plane in Copenhagen, Denmark and left for Dulles airport in Washington, D.C. at 12:30PM. Arrived DFW at 7:10PM. Back in Denton at 8:30PM.

The end!

Enjoy some of the tour pictures below....

Karlsson with students from Novia University

Gig at jazz club Jazzoo-Jakobstad, Finland

Gig at jazz club Doobop-Vaasa, Finland

Wanted: Dead or Alive!

Of course a sauna in the bathroom!

Important rule...learn in all languages!

Gig at club Doobop

Brian at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm

Vasa Museum

On stage at Doobop

Asher at the royal castle in Stockholm

Jazz club Glenn Miller's in Stockholm

Professor Karlsson and Soph at the Royal Conservatory of Music (Stockholm) with jazz director Ola Bengtsson (in the middle)

At Novia University (Jakobstad) with jazz director Marcus Soderstrom (in the middle)

A real bebop piano

At Novia with Marcus Soderstrom (in the middle)

At the Royal Conservatory of Music in Stockholm

Professor Soph playing in the snow

History in Vaasa, Finland