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3.11.01 Q: How can I chose an elective in music outside of jazz studies?

The required six hours of elective credit need to be 5000-level courses, in music, but not a MUJS course and not a jazz studies lab or ensemble.

Options include:
MUCE Music Careers and Entrepreneurship courses
MUET = ethnomusicology
MUET 5030 Music Cultures of the World
MUET 5050 Music of Africa
MUET 5060 African American Music
MUET 5617 African Music and Movement

World music ensembles would also count if taken at the 5000-level

MUMH = music history
there are period courses like
MUMH 5343 Western Music History, 1900-Present, that are relevant to a jazz major's interests
MUMH 5440 Music in the United States

also possible: MUCP composition, MUTH music theory, MUED music education
especially good one is MUED 6580 College Teaching of Music Courses (master's students can take this 6000-level course)
also: applied study outside of jazz