Trumpet Auditions

Each semester Lab Band trumpet auditions are held immediately preceding the first week of classes. Sign-up sheets are posted on the door to MU353 (Mike Steinel's office).

See the link under "Current" on the main page of this site for the current schedule of ensemble auditions.

Lab Band trumpet auditions are used to place students into section and/or lead positions in the Lab Bands, Jazz Repertory Lab, Electronic Keyboard Lab, and Jazz Singers. The audition will consist of sight-reading music in a variety of styles. These may include a ballad, a swing tune (medium to fast), and a latin or rock tune. Students auditioning for lead chairs will play music which may be written above a high Eb (concert pitch).

At a later time (usually Sunday evening preceding the first day of classes) students with expertise in improvisation will audition for jazz chair placement. This audition consists of improvising at sight over chord changes in a variety of styles and tempos. Students may sign-up for a jazz chair audition at room 353. Students should be prepared to play (warmed up with instrument assembled) ten minutes before their scheduled audition time.