Trombone Auditions

Trombone Auditions for Lab Bands will be held in Steve Wiest's office (Room 274). See the link under "Current" on the main page of this site for the current schedule of ensemble auditions.

A sign up sheet will be posted on Professor Wiest's office door.
Please sign up for a consecutive spot, don't leave big gaps in the schedule.

The trombone auditions on that day will consist of sight reading. The pieces will be chosen for bass trombone or lead trombone, and you will each be asked to read two to three pieces of different styles from the UNT Jazz Library. You will also be asked to fill out a form that will give us information concerning your schedule and how you will be listed in the Jazz Directory.

At the end of your audition, you may also be assigned to take part in a general improvisation audition and/or a "call back" improvisation audition designed specifically for upper Lab Band spots.