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3.11.03 Q: How do I fill out the degree plan form?

To do the degree plan:
1. download the form from http://music.unt.edu/advising/graduate.php
2. For Transcript deficiencies, enter all of the jazz courses that were listed in the letter you got that listed deficiencies. Next to each course, make a small notation about how you took care of it or will take care of it: passed by exam, passed by audition, taking the course, plan to take the course. In each case indicate the semester of the completed action or the future action. Abbreviate like this: F10, Sp11, Su11, etc.
3. For GPE deficiencies, put an X by the courses you were required to take, if any, after the GPE. Make a notation about the semester you will take them.
4. For the section Courses required in all tracks, plan out when you will take each one. MULB 5174 is taken twice.
5. Then go to the section for your track. Do the same thing.
6. For the comprehensive exam, put the semester you plan to finish.
7. For the date by which the degree is completed, put six years from when you started. For those who started in Fall 2010, put Fall 2016.
8. Then come by an office hour or make an appointment and we'll review it.