Jazz Piano Auditions

Jazz piano auditions for lab ensemble placements are typically held on the Friday and Saturday immediately prior to the first week of classes. A sign-up schedule will be posted onto office door #272 (Stefan Karlsson's office). See the link under "Current" on the main page of this site for the current schedule of ensemble auditions.

Students should prepare a selection of their own choice (ideally a well-known jazz standard). Also, each student will be asked to play a standard tune (on sight) with a play-along recording. Finally, you will be expected to voice chords using typical inversions, and read from both chord symbols and written notes.

Zebras Auditions: Students must first complete their regular Jazz Lab audition before attempting a Zebras audition.

1) Keyboards: The audition requires the use of a synthesizer and will measure the student's understanding of electronic idioms. Sight reading of intricate note passages and improvisational skills will be assessed.

2) Rhythm section and horns: Pending the repertoire and horn line-up for each semester, lab band auditioners will recommend a number of qualified horn players to audition. They will perform a final audition during the first week of classes during the regular Zebras rehearsal time (T/TH 11AM in room 263).