Jazz Repertory Ensemble Auditions

To audition for this ensemble, students should play the regular Lab Band audition and check the option on the form that indicates an interest in being considered for jazz repertory ensemble. The instrumentation varies each semester according to the repertoire.

Students will need to have the rehearsal time, MWF 12-12:50, available in their schedule. Our rehearsals happen during departmental recital time for saxophones, trumpets, and trombones. Saxophonists who need to play on the departmental should sign up for the beginning of the recital and send a sub to the first part of repertory ensemble rehearsal, play on departmental, and then come to rehearsal.

Undergraduate trumpets and trombones should have completed the first two years of applied study and be taking applied lessons in the jazz idiom; otherwise it will cause a conflict with your required attendance at departmental recitals.

Saxophones, trumpets, and trombones will be chosen for the band based on the results of the general lab band audition.

Piano, guitar, and bass chairs are chosen by Stefan Karlsson, Fred Hamilton, Lynn Seaton, respectively. Ed Soph chooses the drummers who will audition for the Jazz Repertory Ensemble director. If you are auditioning on one of these instruments and are interested in being considered for jazz repertory ensemble, please let your professor know.

See the link under "Current" on the main page of this site for the current schedule of ensemble auditions.