UNT Alumni in Service Jazz Bands

Alumnus and trombonist Victor Barranco mentioned in conversation at the recent JEN conference that there are a lot of UNT alumni in Washington, D.C.-area service jazz bands. I asked him if he could compile a list and he kindly obliged. --JM

[The West Point Band's Jazz Knights has Scott Arcangel on piano, Brandon Nelson bass, Mark Tonelli guitar & Eric Ordway on trombone. Thanks to Scott Arcangel for this information.]

28 out of 73 musicians in Washington, D.C.-area servicejazz bands:

U.S. Army Blues: 6
Trumpets: Craig Fraedrich
Trombone: Victor Barranco
Sax: Antonio Orta, Bill Linney, Joesph Henson
Drums: Steve Fidyk

Airmen of Note: 8
Trumpets: Rich Sigler
Trombone: (former)Joe Jackson, Jeff Martin, Ben Patterson
Sax: Tyler Kuebler, Andy Axelrad, Doug Morgan
Arranger: Alan Baylock

U.S. Navy Commodores: 4
Trombone: David Perkel
Saxes: Luis Hernandez, Phil Burlin, Stephen Williams

U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors: 10
Trumpet: Jack Wengrosky, Kevin Watt
Trombone: Michael Bravin, Michael Buckley
Sax: Andrew Layton, Bradford Danho, Joshua Fox, Pat Shook, (Dustin Mollick when he finishes Basic Training in April)
Piano: Tim Young