Phil Woods, Gomez Artist, February 2005

Gomez Artist Phil Woods gave a talk to students and rehearsed with Neil Slater and the One O'Clock Lab Band on February 21, 2005.

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2005, at the Jazz Lecture series, Phil Woods played with Matt Lawless (piano), Daniel Foose (bass), and Kevin Congleton (drums), and listened to performances by Foose, Congleton, Josh Hanlon (piano), and saxophonists Brad Danho, Brian Donohoe, Idit Shner, and Matt Sawyer. Photos by Craig Marshall.

L to R: Evan Weiss, Phil Woods, Neil Slater

In the evening on Feb. 22, 2005, Phil Woods rehearsed for Thursday's concert with Jim Riggs, Stefan Karlsson, Fred Hamilton, Lynn Seaton, and Ed Soph.

These photos were taken by Jim Riggs:

Craig Marshall, Phil Woods, and Neil Slater at the soundcheck in Winspear:

Phil Woods, Neil Slater, Paul Orbell, Daniel Foose; Matt Lawless is behind Phil Woods.

Jim Riggs and Phil Woods (photo by JM)

Phil Woods with One O'Clock Lab Band trombonists (back, l to r) Chris Koen, Carl Murr; (front, l to r) Dan West, Scott Agster

Phil Woods with One O'Clock Lab Band saxophonists (back, l to r) Clay Pritchard, Jesse Cloninger; (front, l to r) Matt Sawyer, Brian Donohoe, Brad Danho

Phil Woods and Neil Slater

This photo of Phil Woods and Jim Riggs was taken by Gerald Stockton: