UNT no. 7 in list of of top 25 US jazz guitar schools

Anyone who browses this list of the top 25 US jazz guitar schools with UNT in mind is likely to notice two things: First, our program is listed at no. 7, which is a credit to Professor Fred Hamilton, veteran adjunct instructors Rich McLure and Noel Johnston, and generations of hard-working students. Second, our program is very affordable. For more information about the cost of attendance:

College of Music Admissions page

Notice this PDF, which compares cost of attendance at various schools using publicly-available information:

UNT tuition costs and payment plans
As you study the pages that show tuition charges by credit hour, remember that undergraduate students typically take between 15 and 18 credit hours, and graduate students take 9 or 10.
Non-Texas resident students (including international students) who receive a competitive UNT scholarship of $1,000 or more, which can be music or academic, get to pay Texas resident tuition rates.