Snarky Puppy profiled in the New York Times

Snarky Puppy is profiled in this article by Nate Chinen in the Feb. 7, 2016 New York Times, one of the most important newspapers in the U.S. We're always glad to see our alumni get much-deserved attention. This part of the article needs a clarification:

Mr. League formed Snarky Puppy after his freshman year at the University of North Texas (in Denton), which has one of the oldest jazz programs in the country.

If there are 30 people in a room and the oldest are aged 68, 69, and 70, it's technically correct to say that each of the three is "one of the oldest." It's more correct, if you're referring specifically to the 70-year old, to say that the 70-year old is the oldest. Our program began in the 1946-47 academic year. It's well documented that it's the first and therefore the oldest jazz degree program in the U.S. There were jazz-related activities at other colleges before 1946. Ours was the first degree program.

When contacted about it via Twitter, Nate Chinen replied: