Master of Music in Jazz Studies

Here's a link to the copy from the new brochure about our master's program.

Here's a link to the UNT catalog. Use the menus to choose the Graduate Catalog, then College of Music, then scroll down to the bottom of the College of Music page to find Programs. Given the dynamic, database-driven nature of the catalog, with its frequent updates, it's better to use the catalog from the top level than to link to specific pages, because the URLs can change with each yearly update.

Note to current graduate students
The most authoritative information comes from the catalog and directly from the Jazz Studies graduate advisor (currently John Murphy) or from the College of Music Office of Graduate Studies, not from your fellow students and not from a website (even this one--there are hundreds of pages on this site and at certain times they may not be 100% accurate).
You can help yourself avoid expensive surprises by seeing your advisor now to do a draft degree plan if you have earned fewer than 12 graduate hours, and a degree plan that you will file formally if you have earned more than 12 hours.