Jazz Trombone Ensemble (The U-Tubes)

The U-Tubes is a group at UNT consisting of 6 tenors and 2 bass trombones with full rhythm section.
The ensemble performs new arrangements and original compositions by UNT students and faculty as well as selections from the classic trombone-band literature. MULB 1808

Info For Those Interested in Writing for The U-Tubes:

6 tenor trombones (lead line can go up to a D 8VA above middle C, and the occasional high F)
2 bass trombones (can write down to a pedal F)
piano, bass, drums, guitar

Think modern, different, swinging 1:00 Lab Band sounds.
Use 1:00 recordings for inspiration and ideas. You can arrange
a standard, jazz standard, or compose an original. Here are some other great writers to check out for direction:

Slide Hampton
Thad Jones
Bob Brookmeyer
Walt Weiskopf
David Hazeltine
Bob Mintzer
Maria Schneider
etc, etc.

Groups to listen to for trombone-band style and possibilities:

New York Trombone Conspiracy
CD: "A Matter of Time"

Them Bones
CD: "You Asked For It: Them Bones"

Slide Hampton's World of Trombones
"Spirit of the Horn"
"World of Trombones"

The Capitol Bones
CD: "Epistrophy"

"Cream of the Crop" Bobby Knight's Great American Trombone Company
(All other charts for trombone ranges and textures)