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1.15 UNT-jazznews email list and EagleConnect Email

UNT-Jazz-Student-News is our internal email list. It goes to all current students. The faculty and staff use it to circulate news about events, gigs, and other things we want the students to be aware of. Students can send emails to the list, too. Subscribe by sending a request to john.murphy@unt.edu or jazz@unt.edu from your UNT email address.

Students are expected to check their EagleConnect email address regularly, and to use it for all UNT-related emails. Important messages from UNT and from your professors will reach you this way. You are responsible for being aware of information sent to you at your UNT email address. To find out the format of your EagleConnect address, log in with your EUID to ams.unt.edu and look for Student Email.