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3.22 Transcript leveling and GPE review courses for students in the M.M. in Jazz Studies

Last updated: April 6, 2017

The purpose of this page is to explain the process of assigning leveling and review courses to students who are entering the M.M. in Jazz Studies program. Leveling and review courses for students in the DMA in Performance with local concentration in Jazz Studies are handled individually by the Jazz Studies graduate advisor. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact the Jazz Studies division chair/graduate advisor or the graduate advisor in the College of Music Office of Graduate Studies.

3.21 Required Courses (Master of Music in Jazz Studies)

The most authoritative source for the required courses is the catalog. The catalog is now only published online. When you follow the link below, you'll see the undergraduate catalog. Use the drop-down menu at the top right of the page to switch to the graduate catalog. On that page, find College of Music in the left menu. At the bottom of that page, you'll see two links:

Display programs for College of Music (this shows degree programs and required courses)
Display courses for College of Music (this lists all of the courses with a brief description)

3.20 Prerequisites for MUJS 5540, Composition for the Media

Admission to MUJS 5540 requires the permission of the instructor, Prof. Richard DeRosa. Before requesting permission, please consider the following:

1. The course is designed primarily for Graduate Jazz Arranging majors. Classical Composition majors who have some experience writing in a more commercial context are also welcomed but this is not mandatory for them.

3.19 Master's Comprehensive Exam

The master’s comprehensive exam is one-hour exam that is evaluated by a committee of three faculty: the student’s applied teacher, the chair/graduate advisor, and a third jazz faculty member invited by the student, with whom the student should have had at least one class, lesson, or ensemble. The questions will measure the student's understanding of (a) the history and repertoire of the student’s instrument in jazz, (b) important concepts and supporting material from all graduate coursework.

3.18 Master's Recital

1. A graduate recital is required of all candidates for the degree Master of Music in Jazz Studies.
2. Each candidate must have first removed any undergraduate and GPE deficiencies, and have passed either the Graduate Improvisation Proficiency Exam, or the Graduate Arranging Proficiency Exam.
3. Each candidate must have also completed sixteen graduate credits toward the degree, at which time, the candidate may submit a proposed recital program in consultation with the applied teacher.


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