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2.13.4 Upper Divisions Examination for Vocal Jazz

Jazz Studies Major – (Voice) Upper Division Examination (UDE)
(effective Spring 2013)

All undergraduate Jazz Studies (Voice) majors and concentrations must pass the Upper Divisional Exam (UDE) before advancing to the 3000 level of voice study. The UDE assessment takes place during finals week no later than the fourth semester of study. Transfer students may be assessed in an earlier semester at the discretion of their teachers, but not earlier than the fourth semester of study overall and not later than their fourth semester at UNT.

2.13 Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies (Vocal Performance)

Major study begins in the freshman year with MUJS 1131/1132 (Jazz Performance
Fundamentals), MUJS 1360/1370 (Jazz Fundamentals), and MUJS 1470 (Introduction to Jazz Recordings). Four semesters of Vocal Jazz Techniques begin in the sophomore year, following the Vocal Jazz Placement Exam. Applied voice lessons begin with traditional study in the classical style. After four semesters of traditional study, the vocal jazz major may attempt the UNT Applied Voice Proficiency Exam and be eligible to sign up for Vocal Jazz Applied lessons.

2.12.6 Requirements for switching to arranging emphasis

Students that have established a prowess for jazz writing may be allowed to change their status to become a jazz major with an emphasis in arranging. This decision must be determined no later than the completion of the sophomore level of study. Before doing so, the student should realize that this track requires significantly more time than the typical performance major since most of the requirements for instrumental performance still apply (including the successful completion of the jazz improvisation exams – contact Professor Mike Steinel for further information).


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