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2.12.3 Final Arranging Proficiency Exam

All arranging majors must pass the Final Arranging Proficiency Exam (FAPE) before they will be allowed to present a senior recital. The FAPE is also known as the Senior Arranging Recital Audition. This review will be available each semester during finals week. The student will submit scores (and tapes) of recently completed work demonstrating his/her readiness to present a senior recital as an arranger/composer. The material will be reviewed by appropriate jazz faculty. Students are expected to present their recitals in the semester following the successful FAPE.

2.12.2 Arranging Continuation Examination

The ACE is offered three times each year: first Monday of the fall semester at 4:00p.m., and finals week of both fall and spring semesters.
The exam is divided into three parts: 1) Theoretical arranging concepts, 2) Functional keyboard skills, and 3) Interesting and well written arrangements written and recorded for both large and small jazz ensembles. Each of these segments is graded on a pass/fail basis. The exam is explained in greater detail within the document “Preparing For The Arranging Continuation Exam” available in the Jazz Studies Office (Room 284)

2.12.1 Requirements for Continuation

To continue past the second semester of (MUJS 3620) into third semester (MUJS 4610), the student must first pass the Improvisation Continuation Exam (ICE), and the Arranging Continuation Exam (ACE). For information on the ICE, see 4.01; the ACE is described below. MUJS 4610 is offered only in the fall semester. Therefore, the ACE should be taken in the preceding spring. Extra or remedial work required to pass any segment of the ACE may then be addressed in the summer, without adding unnecessary calendar time to the degree program.

2.11.1 Final Improvisation Proficiency Exam

All instrumental jazz performance majors must pass the Final Improvisation Proficiency Exam (FIPE) before they will be allowed to play a senior recital. The FIPE will take place each semester during finals week and be adjudicated by no fewer than five members of the jazz faculty. Each student must demonstrate competency in the art of jazz improvisation on repertoire drawn from the UNT course of study in jazz improvisation. (MUJS 2360,2370, 3360, 3370) Repertoire lists may be found in section 12.01 of this handbook.

1.20.1 UNT Guitar Club

Applied guitar students and those enrolled in MUJS 1131 or 1132 and guitar ensembles are expected to participate in this vital contribution to the excellence of the program. Meetings will coincide with jazz guitar departmental times. The dues for this club are $60 per year, which pays for artists. There are have been many guest artists and clinicians brought to the University through the annual Spring Lecture Series and the North Texas Guitar and Bass Club.

1.18.2 FIPE/GIPE Repertoire

MUJS 3360
32. What Is This Thing Called Love?
33. Yesterdays
34. Four Brothers
35. Triste
36. If I Were A Bell
37. Someday My Prince Will Come
38. Like Someone In Love
39. I Thought About You
40. Darn That Dream
41. Airegin
42. Line For Lyons
43. Wave
44. The Song Is You
45. My Romance
46. But Beautiful
[Recent tunes in 3360 have included: One Finger Snap, Up Jumped Spring, The Way You Look Tonight, Bohemia After Dark, Driftin', Windows, Dolphin Dance, Wee Dot, Tones for Joan's Bones.]


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