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2.09 Improvisation Continuation Exam

All undergraduate jazz majors must pass the Improvisation Continuation Exam (ICE) before they can be admitted to MUJS 3360 (Advanced Jazz Improvisation), MUJS 4610 (Advanced Jazz Arranging), or MUJS 4120 (Vocal Jazz Styles). The exam will take place each semester during finals week and be adjudicated by no fewer than five members of the jazz faculty. Each student must demonstrate competency in jazz improvisation on repertoire drawn from MUJS 2360 and 2370. Repertoire lists may be found elsewhere in this handbook.

2.07 Jazz History Proficiency Exams

Transfer students may elect to test out of MUJS 1470 (Introduction To Jazz Recordings) by taking the Jazz History Entrance Exam, particularly if they have had a survey jazz history course at a previous institution. The JHEE involves listening identification of artists and titles in the Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz, revised edition (available in the UNT music library). It also involves the identification of a number of artists over the history of jazz. The Jazz History Entrance Exam is offered on the first day of classes, both long semesters.

2.06 Jazz Keyboard Proficiency Examination

To pass the Jazz Keyboard Proficiency Examination, the student must play chord progressions, using idiomatic voicings, in tempo and at sight, from chord symbols alone. A study guide of practice progressions is available as part of Jazz Keyboard Fundamentals (MUJS 1371). You can download it here: keyboard study guide (PDF). In this guide are progressions comparable to those found in the exam, and written in two formats:

2.05 Jazz Fundamentals Proficiency Examination

To be eligible for Jazz Improvisation, Arranging and Vocal Jazz Techniques, all students must complete the requirements of Jazz Performance Fundamentals (MUJS 1131/1132), Jazz Fundamentals (MUJS 1360/1370), Jazz Aural Fundamentals (MUJS 1361), Jazz Keyboard Fundamentals (MUJS 1371) and Intro to Jazz Records (MUJS 1470). Students are encouraged to complete this requirement within the freshman year.

2.04 Lab Requirements

All Jazz Studies majors are expected to audition for a jazz lab every long semester they are enrolled. All students who perform in a jazz lab must be appropriately enrolled in that lab. See Jazz Laboratories, section 10.

Undergraduate students who are receiving a scholarship are required to participate in a lab.

2.02 Scholarships

The Jazz Studies program awards performance and arranging scholarships on a competitive basis. These awards also reduce the out-of-state tuition to in-state rates. Applications with references must be sent in and an audition must be performed in one of three ways:
1. In person - a live audition may be performed on one of the College of Music
audition dates that are published each year.
2. By appointment - a live audition may be performed during a visit to campus at a time other than the published audition dates (by contacting the Instructor).


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