1.09 Use of Rehearsal Rooms by Students

The goal of these policies is to ensure that the rooms and equipment are kept in good order so that we can concentrate on the reason we are here: to make music.

Jazz Studies majors (and other students who have been given permission by the chair of Jazz Studies, such as international exchange students) are welcome to schedule rehearsal time in 262, 263, and 292 with at least 24 hours notice using the College of Music room reservation system. The rehearsal must be scheduled after regular classes and ensemble rehearsals have ended.


After 5:00 pm and on weekends, Jazz Studies majors are welcome to use 262, 263, and 292 on a walk-in basis if the room is available. Students must present their UNT IDs to the monitor. The monitor will verify Jazz Studies status using the procedure below, keep the ID, and let student into the room. After the room use, the student will return to the copy room, the monitor will verify that the room is locked, and the student will receive the ID back.

To verify Jazz Studies status, go to the UNT Directory:


and search on the student's name. The search result includes the student’s major.

Second bachelor’s students and international exchange students do not show up in the system as Jazz Studies majors. Students who need to verify their status to make a reservation may contact the chair of the Division of Jazz Studies for assistance.

Kenton Hall can be used by students only with faculty supervision, and the faculty member must make the reservation. When it is not in use for classes, rehearsals, concerts, or other activities with faculty supervision, Kenton Hall should be locked. The only exception is for dress rehearsals scheduled as a part of a degree recital scheduling request. Food and drink are not permitted at any time in Kenton Hall, except for musicians on the tile floor area, who may have water.

Drumsets and drumset hardware must be locked in the cabinet at the end of the rehearsal. This also applies to drumset use for scheduled classes and rehearsals under faculty supervision. The only time that the drumset and hardware can be left out is if the next drummer is there and ready to take responsibility for the equipment. Students may not have access to the amp closet in 262 and should not ask the monitors to open it. Only faculty and TFs who have been issued a key to it may open it.

When you are finished, the rooms must be returned to their default setup so they are ready for the next class use.
Please check these things:
1. stereo off
2. 262: amp closet locked; 263 door to middle room locked; 292: sound system and lights off, door locked; Kenton: loading dock door and door to middle room locked
3. drumset and drumset hardware locked up
4. bass and guitar amp locked up
5. piano lid closed
6. Kenton: concert piano covered and off to the side, rehearsal piano in its correct position
7. any drinks or food in 262, 263 or 292 properly disposed of (no drinks or food are allowed in Kenton except water for performers)
8. video projector is off (students should not turn video projector on at all) and screen is up
9. chairs are where they should be for class setup (see photos below)
10. No instruments or equipment left in the room. This includes instruments you own and instruments that belong to UNT.
11. lights off
12. door locked

The photos below show how each room should be left when you are finished.