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Tell me about your work

Tell me about your work is a new interview series published by the Division of Jazz Studies at UNT. We're interested in knowing more about the work life of our alumni, what role their musical education plays in the work they do, and what their musical lives are like now. Knowing this will give current students a broader sense of the career paths they could follow, and could suggest ways to prepare for them while they are still studying at UNT. --John Murphy

Composer, Broadway musician, activist
Film composer & Music producer
software engineer
Photographer, Videographer, Musician
Freelance musician
Producer & Drummer
Senior Video Editor at Shutterstock
Science writer at Curiosity.com
Web applications developer
Freelance guitarist
Freelance vocalist & early childhood educator
Freelance musician, composer, bandleader, & educator
Freelance touring/session bassist & composer/producer
Front-end web developer