2020 Jazz Lecture Series

The 2020 Jazz Lecture Series is a class that meets 9:30-10:50 and 2-3:20 in Recital Hall. Lecture series sessions are open to the public. For more information contact alan.baylock@unt.edu, the instructor for MUJS 3470. This list shows only the dates when there is a guest artist. The class will meet on additional days.

January 21 – Russell Malone (guitar)
February 2 – Jamie Baum (composer)
February 11 – IAA artists: Terri Lynn Carrington (drums), Tia Fuller (saxophone), Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Kris Davis (piano), Linda Oh (bass)
February 18 – Kristin Korb (bass)
February 25 – Gomez Artist: Regina Carter (violin)
March 3 – Helen Sung (piano)
March 24 – Raul Pineda (drumset) [online only]
March 31 – Greta Matassa (voice) [online only]
April 7 – Ryan Keberle (trombone) [online only]
April 14 – Greg Gisbert (trumpet) [online only]
April 21 – Charlie Young (saxophone) [online only]