2.09 Improvisation Continuation Exam

All undergraduate jazz majors must pass the Improvisation Continuation Exam (ICE) before they can be admitted to MUJS 3360 (Advanced Jazz Improvisation), MUJS 4610 (Advanced Jazz Arranging), or MUJS 4120 (Vocal Jazz Styles). The exam will take place each semester during finals week and be adjudicated by no fewer than five members of the jazz faculty. Each student must demonstrate competency in jazz improvisation on repertoire drawn from MUJS 2360 and 2370. Repertoire lists may be found elsewhere in this handbook. It is recommended that students take the ICE at the end of the semester in which they are enrolled in MUJS 2370. A student may attempt the ICE one time without being enrolled in MUJS 2370, after which he/she must enroll in 2370 before attempting the ICE again.

At its meeting on Aug. 24, 2012, the Jazz Studies faculty voted to establish a maximum of three times for attempting the ICE and FIPE exams. If students do not pass it on the third attempt, they will need to change to a major other than Jazz Studies.

Arranging and vocal students are responsible for additional continuation exams in their areas.
See Arranging Continuation Exam, and Vocal Jazz Degree Status.