2. Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Jazz Studies curriculum leads to the Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, with areas of specialization in Instrumental Performance, Jazz Arranging, and Vocal Performance. Degree plans for each of these areas (outlined by semester) are found here: http://music.unt.edu/advising/degree2014.php

Each jazz major is individually responsible for following the degree plan written for his/her area of specialization, and seeking advice regularly from the College of Music undergraduate advising office.

PROGRAM GPA: For the course to count towards the degree, a minimum grade of B is required for all jazz studies courses in the major. This policy is supported by the resolution passed by the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee on 6 May 2015, which states that programs may require "a minimum grade per course for a major and its supporting field."

Students are responsible for the prerequisites of each course for which they enroll, and for being prepared for placement, continuation and proficiency examinations, as listed in this handbook, and in the Undergraduate Catalog.