1.17.1 Guitar Ensembles: MULB 1817/5174.517

The guitar ensembles are some of the many diverse performing groups at UNT. In these ensembles, guitarists have the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform in a section of five or more guitars. This helps the student focus on reading skills, ensemble blend, group articulations, comping and soloing. Currently, there are two ensembles with instrumentations of five guitars, bass and drums.
The L-5 and the Super 400 perform arrangements by current and former students and faculty in a variety of jazz styles. They are directed by UNT Jazz Guitar faculty and graduate teaching fellows.
Auditions: Guitar auditions are held in Room 277 during the days of regular registration.
Specific details and sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board outside Room 277. Auditions for the Electric Guitar Ensembles focus on reading single note melodic material ranging in difficulty from beginning to advanced.