3.19 Master's Comprehensive Exam

The master’s comprehensive exam is one-hour exam that is evaluated by a committee of three faculty: the student’s applied teacher, the chair/graduate advisor, and a third jazz faculty member invited by the student, with whom the student should have had at least one class, lesson, or ensemble. The questions will measure the student's understanding of (a) the history and repertoire of the student’s instrument in jazz, (b) important concepts and supporting material from all graduate coursework. There will also be questions designed to measure your readiness to assume professional responsibilities as a jazz educator. You will be expected to show a detailed knowledge of jazz repertoire and to recall material from classes and why it is significant. The exam tests more, however, than your recall of material from classes. It also tests your ability to demonstrate your competence in a professional situation that has a lot in common with a job interview. It measures how well you have been able to integrate all you have learned in classes and in your self-guided studies during your master's program. If a student does not pass the exam on the first attempt, a total of two additional attempts are permitted. Guidance will be given on how to prepare for a retake of the exam.

Last revised 2016-02-08