The One O'Clock Lab Band

Directed by Steve Wiest

Lab 2012 Be That Way (Tyler Mire) Abby Song (Jenny Kellogg) Shiny Stockings (Frank Foster) The Fifth Shade (Steve Wiest) The Sparrow Was Gone in an Instant (Aaron Hedenstrom) Fuge for Thought (Richard DeRosa) From Above (Aaron Hedenstrom) 3rd and 55th (Neil Slater) Race to the Finish (Drew Zaremba)

Video: "Miles of Shades" Movements: Code in 12/8 (Jenny Kellogg) New York at Night (Aaron Hedenstrom) Miles Away (Tyler Mire) Animation by Peter Rand

Lab 2011 Modus Operandy (comp Michael Brecker arr Kevin Swaim), Duplicity (Colin Campbell), Perseverance (Richard DeRosa), Hip Pickles (Lou Marini Jr.), Nail in the Coffin (Kevin Swaim), Doublethink (Sean Nelson), Yesterdays (comp Jerome Kern arr Bill Homan),Special Interests (Neil Slater), The Last Theme Song (Steve Wiest)

Lab 2010 Temporarily out of stock. House of Cards (Kevin Swaim), Not Yet (Neil Slater), The Oracle (Kevin Swaim), New Cydonia (Steve Wiest), Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard, arr. Tierney Sutton, adapt. Dave Richards), Prime Directive (Dave Holland/arr. Josh Dresser), Newport (Slide Hampton), Pretzel Logic (Walter Becker and Donald Fagen/arr. Fred Sturm), Sword Fight (Dave Richards)

Lab 2009 Temporarily out of stock. (Nominated for Two Grammy Awards: "Best Large Jazz Ensemble" and "Best Instrumental Composition" Ice-Nine by Steve Wiest) Sno' Peas (Phil Markowitz/arr. Richard DeRosa), Dark Matters (Dave Richards), Another Other (Neil Slater), Li'l Darlin' (Neal Hefti/arr. Kevin Swaim), Unformal (Dave Richards), Time Sensitive (Neil Slater), Here Comes McBride (Dave Brubeck/arr. Dave Richards), November (John Guari), Ice-Nine (Steve Wiest)

Directed by Neil Slater

Live at Blues Alley (Double CD) CD 1: Harlem Nocturne (Rogers/Hagen/arr Bret Zvacek); Mean Uncle Jelly Bags (Dave Richards); Keystone (Neil Slater); Hospital Blues (Tom Kubis); Foe Destroyer (Chris McQueen); Temple Street (Dale Wilson); Portrait of a Count (William Russo/arr Vern Sielert); Shipwreck (Evan Weiss); Collaboration (Pete Rugolo/Stan Kenton); Three and One (Thad Jones); Quotient (Alan Baylock). CD 2: Camel Back Blues (Evan Weiss); Emily (Johnny Mandel/arr Bill Rogers); Havona (Jaco Pastorius/arr David Morgenroth); A Time For Love (Johnny Mandel/arr Hank Levy); May (Michael Steinel); Gazing on the Mindless Expanse (Chip McNeill); 88 Basie Street (Sammy Nestico); Blue in Green (Miles Davis/arr Paris Rutherford); Out of the Night (Horace Silver/arr Craig Fraedrich); Got a Match? (Chick Corea/arr Mike Bogle); Hey, That's My Bike! (Brad Turner)

Lab 2008 (CD) Spirals (Steve Wiest); Ordinary Deviation (Sara Jacovino); The Mystical Journey (Dave Richards); Lacuna (Sara Jacovino); Song for Gabe (Evan Weiss); Separately Together (Neil Slater); You Are Too Beautiful (Rodgers & Hart/arr Dave Richards); Three Blind Mice (traditional/arr Sara Jacovino); The Heat of the Day (Pat Metheny/arr Bob Curnow)

Live from Thailand (CD/DVD) Point of Entry (Curtis Stephan), Terracotta (Hank Levy), Cobblestone Road (Aaron Lington), Places (Neil Slater), Love at Sundown (His Majesty the King/arr. Carl Murr), Cherokee (Ray Noble/arr. Bill Holman), 88 Basie Street (Sammy Nestico), Young and Foolish (Horwitt/Hague/arr. Frank Mantoth), Beautiful Friendship (Kahn & Styne/arr. Lyle Mays), Rabbit of the Moon (Yumiko Sunami), Hey, That's My Bike! (Brad Turner)

Lab 2007 (CD/DVD) Camel Back Blues (Evan Weiss), Fire Marshal (Dave Richards), Side Effects (Neil Slater), Misty (Burke/Garner, arr. Matt Gawlik), Shipwreck (Evan Weiss), Mean Uncle Jelly Bags (Dave Richards), Hospital Blues (Tom Kubis), Healing (Joe Johnson), Blue in Green (Davis, arr. Paris Rutherford). DVD tracks: Behind the scenes: the making of Lab 2007; Interviews with band members and production team; "Why I Came to UNT" featurette; Music videos of four charts.
Saxophones: Brian Donohoe (Lead), Andrew Francisco, Matt Sawyer, Isaac Lamar, Kazuki Nagashima
Trumpets: Jason Levi (Lead), James Blackwell, Dave Richards, Justin Stanton, Evan Weiss
Trombones: Victor Barranco (Lead), Sara Jacovino, Jeremy Wilson, Jason Hausback, Benjamin Polk
Rhythm: Jiri Levicek (piano), Tim Goynes (guitar), Joe Johnson (bass), Ross Pederson (drums)

Lab 2006 | Son of George (Akira Sato), Doktor Creepface (Carl Murr), Call Waiting (Neil Slater), Evidence (Thelonious Monk, arr. Alex Sipiagin, adapted by Evan Weiss), Foe Destroyer (Chris McQueen), What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? (Michel Legrand, arr. Paris Rutherford), Lately (Josh Hanlon), Future Echoes (Dave Richards), Time for a Change (Hank Levy). Personnel: Brad Danho, Brian Donohue, Clay Pritchard, Matt Sawyer, Andrew Pangilinan, saxophones; Jason Levi, James Blackwell, Dave Richards, Evan Weiss, Jay Jennings, trumpets; Carl Murr, Sara Jacovino, Victor Barranco, Jonathan Adamo, Benjamin Polk, trombones; Josh Hanlon, piano; Chris McQueen, guitar; Daniel Foose, bass; Shawn Pickler, drums.

Lab 2005 Temporarily out of stock. | Caravan (Ellington/Tizol, arr. Alan Baylock), Both (Neil Slater), Autumn in New York (Vernon Duke, arr. Bob Graettinger), Quintescence (Hank Levy), Mariano (Don Sebesky), Chili Fish (Carl Murr), Maria (Leonard Bernstein, arr. Don Sebesky), What Follows (Stephen Smith), Tuesday Night #1 (Graham Richards, arr. Dave Richards)

Lab 2004 | AWJ, Cherokee, Places, Terracotta, Beautiful Friendship, Look, Orion, Girls in the Pool, Cobblestone Road, A Study Was Done, Young and Foolish

Lab 2003 | That, The Black Widow, Horizon, Changing Spaces, If Steve McQueen Were Here, Translucence, Paradigm Shift, Nature vs. Nurture, Rhyth Migot

Lab 2002 | Ouch!, This, Bouncin', Keep Tryin', Last Expedition, Shoshin, Trepidation, Askew

Kenny Wheeler at North Texas (2 CDs) | Disc one: Smatta', Where Do We Go From Here, Mark Time | Disc two: The Sweet Time Suite: Part One - Opening, Part Two - Kind Folk, Part Three - For Jan, Part Four - For P.A., Part Five - Know Where You Are, Part Six - Consolation, Part Seven - Freddy C., Part Eight - Closing

Lab 2001 | The Rest, Tacos & Pineapples, Response, Sonn Saga um Elsku (A True Story), Tenderly, Magna, Time and Free Will, 4D Suite (Part 1: Spatial Bounds, Part 2: The Continuum)

Lab '00 | The Eipper, 33rd & California, Domain, McCoy's Mood, Texas Inbred Crickets, Sparkler, Dual Personality, As We Know It, The Adage

Lab '99 | Flow, NosePrints, Tasha, Reflections (Part 1: The Cycle of Phases, Part 2: The Winds of Patmos, Part 3: Faux Pas in Florence), My Little Helper, Once in A While, Soul Mates

Lab '98 | The Next Step, Waterlily, Wink, Lullaby, Abducted Aliens, Like A Rose, Straight Up & Down, Ama-Terasu-D-Mi-Kami

North Texas Jazz: 50 Years | 4-CD set with selections from 1951-1997.
Lab '97 | Shadyside, Cherry Blossoms, Point of Entry, A Pop Song, Shinkansen, B.B., Syndrome, In Retrospect

One O'Clock Standard Time: Remembering Gene Hall | Easy to Love, Long Ago, Nice Work, What's New, A Fine Romance, My Foolish Heart, Dearly Beloved, The Way You Look, Lead On, O King Eternal, I Could Write a Book, All of Me, Out of Nowhere, Take the "A" Train

Lab '96 | Tomorrow's Destiny, Joker, Highlander, A Rabbit of the Moon, For Heaven's Sake, New Perspective, This Too Shall Pass, The Santa Maria

Lab '95 | S.O.S., Insider, Laura, Maynard Ferguson, Time's Wait, A Lift of the Foot, On the T, In the Swamp, A Time for Love

Lab '94 |Hourglass, Moon Rays, San Jacinto Blues, Lullabye for Baby Snow, Sierra Nevada, A Little Brightness, Thank You, From Around Here, Danny Boy

Lab '93 | Threads, Temple Street, Real Tasoidai, Hey, That's My Bike, Portrait of a Count, Cherry Juice, The Big Taste, Chiaroscuro

Live in Portugal | Black Bottom Stomp, Sugar Foot Stomp, The Stampede, Concerto for Cootie, Ko-Ko, 920 Special, Red Bank Boogie, Jeru, Boplicity, Tonsillectomy, King Porter Stomp, Stella by Starlight, Em Uma Semana

Lab '92 | Slow Heat, Fingers, Borrowed Time, Winter Sky, Stockwell Park, The Ghosts and the Fishermen, Second Sight, Quotient, Too Young to Go Steady

Lab '91 | Brownie Speaks, Values, Git In There, Havona, A Meditation and a Prayer, Harm's Way, Kensal Rise, The Nth Degree

Lab '90 | Skywindow Changes, Close to Home, To You, For Openers, Dexter, Klaune, First Words

Lab '89 | Got A Match?, The Last Leg, When I'm Sixty-Four, Blues for Mousey, One-Finger Snap, Common Ground, With You, Knuckleball

Lab '88 | In the Tradition, Update, Meet Mr. Cooper, Fortune Teller, On the Edge, Passenger, View from the Bridge, Quality Time

With Respect to Stan | Machito, Frank Speaking, You Go to My Head, Kingfish, 23 Degrees North by 82 Degrees West, Intermission Riff, Malaguena, Fascinatin' Rhythm, Zoot, Over the Rainbow, What's New, Artistry In Rhythm

Lab '87 | Upside, Downside (Mike Stern, arr. Steve Wiest), No Promises (Neil Slater), Another Day, Another Chance (Bret Zvacek), Night Visions (Steve Wiest), G'Day Mates (Scott Whitfield), Survivor Type (Bret Zvacek)

Lab '86


Band Members: (Saxophones) Jeff Robbins, David Pietro, John Nugent,
Ray Herrmann, James Farnsworth; (Trumpets) Mike Williams, John Veurink,
Bob Lark, Magnus Broo, Todd Davidson; (Trombones) Steve Wiest, Scott
Whitfield, Bret Zvacek, Eddie Clark, Nate Lynch; (Rhythm) Stefan
Karlsson, Bruce Saunders, Tony Scherr, Dan Wojciechowski, Lee Ann

Live in Australia -- The 1986 Tour


Band Members: (Saxophones) Jeff Robbins, Dave Pietro, John Nugent, Ray
Herrmann, James Farnsworth; (Trumpets) Mike Williams, John Veurink, Bob
Lark, Magnus Broo, Todd Davidson; (Trombones) Steve Wiest, Scott
Whitfield, Bret Zvacek, Eddie Clark, Nate Lynch; (rhythm) Stefan
karlsson, Bruce Saunders, Tony Scherr, Dan Wojciechowski, Lee Ann

Lab '83 | Keystone, We Will Meet Again, And I Cry From Within, Screaming in Silence, Penelope, There'll Never Be Another You

Directed by Leon Breeden

Lab '76
Band Members: (Saxophones) Roger Dismore, Dan Higgins, Mark Henderson,
Pete Brewer (on Chief's Blues only), Steve Spencer, Bev Dahlke;
(Trumpets) Chuck Schmidt, Bill Collins, Ron Bergan, Wayne George (on
Chief's Blues only), Doug Coltman, Clay Jenkins, Mike Davis (on Chief's
Blues only); (Trombones) Bill Yeager, Dave Bowman (on Chief's Blues
only), Randy Zimmerman, Ray Ross, Mike Samball (on Chief's Blues only),
Wayne Musselwhite, Ed Eby; (Rhythm) Jim Milne, Pat Coil (on Chief's
Blues only), Mark Johnson, Jim Lacefield (2nd Bass on Myth of Sisyphus),
John Riley, Jim Chirillo, Jeff Davang (on Chief's Blues only), Gene

Lab '75 | F.M., Overture to the Royal Mongolian Suma Foosball Festival, What Was, The Continuing Adventures of Supertonic

Lab '69
Band Members: (Reeds) Dean Parks, Randy Lee, Lon Price, Ken Maslak,
Joe Beneshan, Joe Menedez; (Trumpets) Dave Oyler, Mark Hettle, Cal
Lewiston, Day Kelly, Dean Pratt; (Trombones) Tom Malone, Jeff Sturges,
John Osborne, Gerald Ash, Jim Clark; (Rhythm) Bobby Henschen, Bobby
Brenner, Matt Betton, Jr., Jim Shannon, Bill Farmer; (French Horns) Dean
Corey, Jim Love, James Taylor, Sterling Procter.

Lab '67 | Concertino, Falling in Love with Love, Anadge, Clams, Anyone?, Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat, Swag's Groove, Nature Boy, Easy to Love

Lab '68 | Codify, Childhood, Who Will Buy?, Sweet William, Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown), Ol' Five Spot, Hello, Young Lovers, Flashes