MUJS 3150, Advanced Jazz Piano Masterclass

Text - "The New Real Book," Sher Music Co. This book has been chosen to give you an extensive resource for learning tunes. It also ensures that you will have the music to whatever anyone in class is playing.
Performance - Everyone will perform in class on a rotating basis, that is, no one will play a second time until everyone has performed. Everyone will play as many times as possible. Tunes performed will be from a "core" list of tunes, selected from The New Real Book, and must be by memory. Copies of the tune must be supplied to the rhythm section.
Attendance - No unexcused absences will be allowed. Requests for excused absences must be submitted in writing, in advance.
Final Exam - The final exam will consist of a final performance which will be videotaped for self-evaluation. This should be a polished performance which involves a setting of the tune which is well thought out and executed. Normally, the tune performed should probably be one of the "core" group which has been worked on during the semester but must be from The New Real Book, regardless.
Americans With Disabilities Act: The College of Music complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act in making reasonable accommodation for qualified students with disability. If you have an established disability as defined in the Americans With Disabilities Act and would like to request accommodation, please see me as soon as possible.
Transcribed Solo - Everyone will do a transcription of a jazz piano solo and present it to the class. The presentation will include discussing interesting aspects of the solo and performing it with the recording. A final copy of the solo must be copied neatly in order to reproduce it for the whole class. This final copy should be:
1) Copied on 8 1/2 by 11, 10 stave music pad manuscript.
2) Copied with #2 pencil, black felt tip pen, or black ink pen.
3) Spaced out to be legible without wasting paper. In other words, don't have a page with only two or three measures on it.
4) Option: The final copy may be prepared with music notation software and printed on 8 1/2 by 11 paper.
The final copy of the solo will be due at mid-term.