MUJS 4120, Vocal Jazz Styles

Prerequisite: Two semesters of Vocal Jazz Techniques, minimum grade of "B", the College of Music Upper Division Exam (vocal proficiency), and the Jazz Studies Improvisation Continuation Exam (ICE).
Co-requisite: Jazz Singers I (no exceptions)
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 - 11:50 AM Room 348.
Attendance: Students are allowed 2 absences per semester.
Weekly Assignments - 50%
Preparation and Presentation of Gig Book - 25%
Final Recordings and Arrangements - 25%

Course Objectives: Vocal Jazz Styles is the final class experience for the vocal jazz program, and is taken in the semester preceding the senior recital. The course emphasizes the three sections of the Final Vocal Jazz Exit Examination which include:
1. Performance and improvisation in three styles of vocal jazz:
• Swing tunes and blues including blues-oriented improvisation
• Straight-eighth and Latin tunes, including lyric/melodic improvisation
• Ballads including lyric improvisation.
2. Jazz Piano skills. Students will learn to accompany themselves.
3. Arranging. Students will arrange each song for jazz trio, with at least one song featuring one/two horns. Arrangements must contain appropriate harmonic changes and reveal the benefits gained from strategically chosen transcriptions. All lead sheets and arrangements will be notated and printed using Finale.

The course also addresses basic sound reinforcement and recording techniques.