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3.20 Prerequisites for MUJS 5540, Composition for the Media

Admission to MUJS 5540 requires the permission of the instructor, Prof. Richard DeRosa. Before requesting permission, please consider the following:

1. The course is designed primarily for Graduate Jazz Arranging majors. Classical Composition majors who have some experience writing in a more commercial context are also welcomed but this is not mandatory for them.

2. Students must have a comfortable command with creating digital audio soundtracks primarily through any of the following applications: Logic, Digital Performer, ProTools, Cubase, or some other similar format. A lesser alternative would be Finale with a Garritan Sound library. All assignments are generated via this digital format.

3. Students outside of the Graduate Jazz Arranging track must present a digital audio representation of at least one music work for consideration to be accepted.

4. The student must be an accomplished writer who can produce music quickly and also at a high quality standard. The average workload is at least one minute of music per week (composed and produced). Assignments become more difficult and time-consuming as the semester progresses.

This class is required of all Graduate Jazz Arranging majors. Other students who are interested should consider carefully the weight of the course commitment and the considerable time it will take to complete the assignments.