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MUJS 1131, Guitar I

MUJS 1131.501 Course Syllabus
Fred Hamilton
Office # 277

Required Textbooks:

Chords Galore, Jack Petersen, pub. Mel Bay
Melodic Studies & Compositions for Guitar, Fred Hamilton pub. Mel Bay
Jazz Guitar Standards Volume 1, pub. Mel Bay
Modern Chords, Advanced Harmony for Guitar, Vic Juris, pub. Mel Bay

The books are available locally at The UNT Bookstore. If sold out, they may be ordered from www.melbay.com

Required Course materials:
Metronome for practice; bring your guitar to all classes;
Small notebook or staff notebook; I recommend Moleskin brand available at the
Bookstore (small and can fit in your case)

Class Goals:
1. Improve technique, develop practice discipline
2. Learn systematic voicing principles
3. Apply those voicings to repertoire (comping, melodic harmonization, improvisation)
4. Improve reading skills and overall knowledge of the guitar fret board
5. Become better acquainted with jazz style and tradition

Attendance policy:
I will take roll. One absence allowed for this course. Two absences will lower the semester grade one letter. Three will constitute a failing grade. If three are accrued before the final drop deadline, the student is responsible to drop the class.

Tests and Artist Paper 50%
Midterm (transcription) 25%
Final (chord solo) 25%