MUJS 1131, Piano I

MUJS 1131
Jazz Piano Master Class I
Class Room #121
Professor: Stefan Karlsson
Office: MU #272
Phone: 565-2229

Instructor: Teaching Assistant- TBA
RequiredTextbook: Jazz Piano Voicing Skills (by, Dan Haerle)
Course Description/Prerequisite:
Advanced work with jazz harmony in a keyboard lab situation. The emphasis is
on developing the ability to perform a number of commonly used progressions
in the jazz idiom (refer to the text regarding specific progressions.) For the
purpose of application, seven songs from the standard jazz repertoire are
included. The course is primarily designed for jazz piano majors. However,
anyone who can demonstrate adequate proficiency (either by successful completion of MUJS
1371 or by an in-person consultation/audition with Professor Stefan Karlsson) may participate in the course.
Course Content:
Skill Tests- (Pass or Fail)
• Memorized
• Two trials
• In a given tempo (quarter-note=120)
Tune Tests- (grade A-D)
• May read chord changes
• Two trials
• In a given tempo
• Three tunes: L.H moving bass line with R.H shell-voicings
(accompanying style)
• Three tunes: R.H melody with L.H non-root shell-voicings (melody style)
• One tune: solo piano style
• Skills - 3%each x 20 skills = 60%
• Tunes - 5%each X 6 tune + 10% for solo piece = 40%
Two unexcused absences are permitted, however beyond the 2nd unexcused
absence, each absence will lower your final semester grade by one
letter grade. Excused absences must be cleared in advance in person.
Semester Schedule
Tuesday Thursday
Week 1 Introduction Lecture: Skill 48-50
Week 2 Test: Skill 48-50 Lecture: Tune 1
Week 3 Test: Confirmation Lecture: Skill 51-52
Week 4 Test: Skill 51-52 Lecture: Tune 2
Week 5 Test: Along Came Betty Lecture: Skill 53-54
Week 6 Test: Skill 53-54 Lecture: Tune 3
Week 7 Test: Oleo Lecture: Skill 55-56
Week 8 Test: Skill 55-56 Lecture: Tune 4
Week 9 Test: Stablemates Lecture: Skill 57-60
Week 10 Test: Skill 57-60 Lecture: Tune 5
Week 11 Test: Giant Steps Lecture: Skill 117
Week 12 Test: Skill 117 Lecture: Tune 6
Week 13 Test: Moments Notice Lecture: Skill 118-123
Week 14 Test: Skill 118-123 Lecture: Tune 7
Week 15 Test: Come Rain or Come Shine Make-up test(s)
Compliance with Federal Statutes
The College of Music complies with, "The Americans With Disabilities Act", in
making reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disability. If you
have an established disability as defined in this act and would like to request
accommodations, please see me as soon as possible.
Scholastic Honesty Policy
Cheating, in any form, will result in an automatic grade of "F" in the course, the
removal of the student from the course, and immediate reporting of the
student's actions to the office of the Dean of Students and to the office of the
Dean of College of Music.