MUJS 1131, Voice

MUJS 1131.507 (Fall) (1 cr) • Mon/Wed 2:00–2:50 PM Room 292
MUJS 1132.507 (Spring) (1 cr) • Mon/Wed 2:00–2:50 PM Room 292

Fundamentals of Vocal Jazz Performance is an introductory course focusing on the essential elements required of a jazz singer, and of a vocalist in the Jazz Studies program at North Texas. These include:
• Studying the major historical figures in solo and ensemble jazz singing and developing a thorough aural understanding of the evolution of the art form of jazz singing
• Jazz repertoire and interpretation
• Computer music notation skills (using Finale)
• Aural transcriptions of vocal & instrumental improvised solos
• Time management skill development
• Communication skill development
• Learning efficient and effective individual practice habits
• Transcribing songs through focusing on a "bottom-up" approach (bass lines, then chord qualities)

MUJS 1132.507 is a continuation of 1131, taught in the spring semester. Students will continue developing broad-based musicianship skills through activities including, but not limited to:
• Singing chords, scales and modes
• Singing “enclosures” and melodic patterns that comprise the jazz language
• Aural comprehension of basic chord progressions and how "hear" chord changes for the purpose of improvising melodically with and without lyrics