MUJS 1371 - Jazz Keyboard Fundamentals

Professor: TBA
Office: MU #272
Phone: TBA
Email: TBA

Instructor: Teaching Assistant- TBA

Required Textbook: Jazz Piano Voicing Skills (by Dan Haerle)

Course description:
Keyboard realization of jazz harmony with typical idiomatic voicings. The
emphasis is on developing the ability to perform a number of chord progressions.

Skill Categories To Be Studied:
• Block chords
• Voicings built on the 3rd and 7th
• Diatonic 7th chords
• Cycle progressions
• II-V-I progressions in all major keys
• II-V-I progressions in all minor keys

Course Content:
• Skills (refer to schedule below)
• For application, two songs from the standard repertoire (Confirmation &
Joy Spring) are included for testing at the end of the semester (see schedule
• Skill Tests (Pass or Fail- two trials in a given tempo by memory)
• Tune Tests (graded A-D- may read chord changes with two trials in a
given tempo)

• Skills - 3%each X 27 = 81%
• Tunes -10%each X 2 = 20% (failure to pass both tunes will result in an
automatic "C" in the class)

Four unexcused absences are permitted, however beyond the 2nd unexcused
absence, each (unexcused) absence will lower your final semester grade by one
letter grade. Excused absences should be cleared in advance in person.

Semester Schedule
Monday/Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday
Week 1 Introduction Lecture: skill 1-6
Week 2 Practice Test: skill 1-3
Week 3 Test: skill 4-6 Lecture: skill 9-15
Week 4 Practice Test: skill 9-11
Week 5 Test: skill 12-15 Lecture: skill 19-20
Week 6 Practice Test: skill 19-20
Week 7 Lecture: skill 37(a-d) Practice
Week 8 Test: skill 37(a-d) Lecture: skill 38(a-d)
Week 9 Practice Test: skill 38(a-d)
Week 10 Lecture: skill 40-43 Practice
Week 11 Test: skill 40-41 Practice
Week 12 Test: skill 42-43 Lecture: 2 Tunes
Week 13 Practice Test: Tune 1
Week 14 Practice Test: Tune 2
Week 15 Make-up test Make-up test

Compliance with Federal Statutes:
The College of Music complies with "The Americans With Disabilities Act", in making reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disability. If you have an established disability as defined in this act and would like to request accommodations, please see me as soon as possible.

Scholastic Honesty Policy:
Cheating, in any form, will result in an automatic grade of "F" in the course, the removal of the student from the course, and immediate reporting of the student's actions to the office of the Dean of Students and to the office of the Dean of the College of Music.