MUJS 3120, Vocal Jazz Techniques

Prerequisites: MUJS 1132.507 (Vocal Jazz Fundamentals), MUJS 1360, 1361, 1370, 1371 (Jazz Fundamentals), one semester each of Music Theory, and MUJS 1470.
Corequisite: MULB 1820 Jazz Singers (any of the four sections)
Grading: Determined by participation, repertoire development, and end of semester jury performance.
Repeatable for credit, contingent upon a minimum grade of B.
Content: Vocal Jazz Techniques addresses the basic stylistic requirements for solo singing in the jazz/popular idiom.

Course Topics include:
• Analysis of established singers and styles
• Vocal production for jazz singing
• Microphone technique
• Lyric interpretation
• Repertoire development
• Arranging for a trio rhythm section

Students must demonstrate the ability to sing in popular styles to be admitted into this course. Entrance evaluations will consist of students singing two prepared pieces in jazz/popular styles. Students are also required to provide an accompanist, or recorded accompaniment for the entrance evaluation.