3.11.10 Q: What is on the Jazz Studies in-house writing exam?

A. For this exam, students will be asked to read an excerpt from an article on a jazz topic in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, then write in response to several prompts. The prompts will ask you to write about the author's main arguments and the evidence for the arguments, and to give your own thoughts on the arguments. The expected length will be around two single-spaced handwritten letter-size legal pad pages. The exam will last two hours. It will be graded on content and writing competence. No dictionaries or other reference tools may be used. The exam will be handwritten.

You can prepare by reading articles on jazz topics in these and other journals, many of which are available online via the UNT music library. To get to the online journals, search on the journal title using the Journal Title tab in the library catalog.

As you read the opening section of articles on jazz topics, be able to answer these questions: 1. What scholarly conversation (series of scholarly publications on the same topic) is this author participating in? 2. Who are the authors that the present author is reacting to? 3. What is the author's main argument? 4. What is the evidence for the author's argument? 5. How can you connect this author's argument with your knowledge and experience?

Jazz Perspectives (online)

Jazz Research Journal (online)

Journal of Jazz Studies (online)

Annual Review of Jazz Studies (hard copy in music library)

Journal of the Society for American Music (online)

Black Music Research Journal (online)

American Music (online)

Ethnomusicology (online)

Journal of the American Musicological Society (online)

Popular Music (online)