Room use policy

Winspear Hall at the Murchison Performing Arts Center

A concert hall that seats 1,108.

Stan Kenton Hall

Stan Kenton Hall (MU282) is a combination rehearsal and recital hall with terraced seating for 115 people. This room is used for classes and rehearsals and is the venue for all undergraduate and graduate jazz recitals. Directly adjacent to the hall is a loading ramp to facilitate bringing in equipment for classes and rehearsals. The hall is equipped with risers, drums, guitar and bass amps, sound equipment for classes, special lighting for performances and a nine foot Steinway concert grand. Food and drink are not permitted at any time in Kenton Hall, except for musicians on the tile floor area, who may have water.

Lab Band East

Lab Band East (MU 263) is a slightly smaller hall than Kenton Hall and is also used as one of the principal areas for many classes and rehearsals. It is equipped with risers, sound equipment for classes, drums, guitar and bass amps, and a Steinway grand piano. This hall is also available to be checked out for special musical projects carried on by students involving the rehearsal of groups formed for specific purposes.

The Small Group Room

The Small Group Room (MU292) is the principal rehearsal area for all small jazz groups. It is equipped with drums, guitar and bass amps, a grand piano, and a sound system. The Small Group Room is a dedicated area used only for the Jazz small groups and special problem projects by jazz students and faculty. This room may also be checked out for extra rehearsals as it is available.

Room 262

Room 262 is an area used for classes in improvisation, small groups and other lecture and lab classes. It is equipped with drums, guitar and bass amps and a grand piano. It also has complete sound and video equipment for class use. It can be scheduled for student rehearsals in the evenings and on weekends.

Performance Venues

Jazz groups (large and small) give informal concerts in several venues around campus. Our venue for major jazz events is the Winspear Concert Hall in the Murchison Performing Arts Center. Large ensembles perform every Tuesday at noon and every Wednesday night in the University Union during the fall and spring semesters. Both formal and informal concerts (during rehearsal times) are given in Kenton Hall. Student groups perform often in local clubs and coffeehouses. The Zebras Jazz Keyboard Lab usually performs in Kenton Hall. Small groups generally perform in the lobby of Bruce Hall, the music students' dormitory which is located across the street from the music building.