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Alumni news from Craig Whatley

Craig Whatley is an alumnus of UNT (when it was NTSU) who played percussion in the One O'Clock Lab Band under director Leon Breeden. He can be heard on the albums Lab '71, Lab '72, and 12 by 3. In March 2016 he became totally deaf due to an ear ailment. In January 2016, with 90% of his hearing lost, he recorded two CDs worth of original music on keyboard entitled Lost in a Samba. Here's a sample track, entitled "Samba Interlude #1." The 2-CD set can be ordered by contacting Craig Whatley directly:

Jazz Fundamentals I

Introduction to jazz harmony and scales. Drill in ear training and keyboard. Required for freshman majors in jazz studies.

Prerequisite(s): MUTH 1400-MUTH 1410 (may be taken concurrently) (non-music majors by consent of college).


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