Rich DeRosa teaches in Rome

Rich DeRosa and the student big band he coached on an outdoor stage in Rome with trees behind it

Prof. Rich DeRosa spent a week in Rome, Italy to teach at the St. Louis College of Music. His primary responsibility was to work with the student big band to prepare a concert. The attached photo shows the band at their sound check. During the week, he also taught a 2-hour lecture on improvisation and a 2-hour lecture on composition.

The band performed DeRosa's composition "Perseverance" and his arrangement of 'A' Train. They also performed several of the charts that he created for the WDR band.

The St. Louis College of Music was founded in 1976 and is considered to be the best school in Italy for jazz. It is located in the heart of Rome. It is safe, quiet, and within walking distance to the Colosseum and other historic ruins.