Full-time Faculty
José Aponte, Lecturer. Latin Jazz Lab.
Tony Baker, Associate Professor. Applied jazz trombone. Primary division: Instrumental Studies.
Jennifer Barnes, Assistant Professor. Director of Vocal Jazz, Director of Jazz Singers.
Rodney Booth, Lecturer. Applied jazz trumpet, Director of Jazz Repertory Ensemble, Jazz Aural Fundamentals, Small group coaching.
Richard DeRosa, Associate Professor, Director of Composition and Arranging
Fred Hamilton, Professor. Applied jazz guitar, improvisation, rhythm section master class.
Stefan Karlsson, Professor. Applied jazz piano, improvisation, small groups, rhythm section master class.
Brad Leali, Associate Professor. Applied jazz saxophone, Three O'Clock Lab Band, jazz performance fundamentals for saxophone.
John Murphy, Professor. Division chair; jazz history, analysis, and research methods.
Jay Saunders, Principal Lecturer. Applied jazz trumpet, Two O'Clock Lab Band, introduction to jazz recordings.
Lynn Seaton, Associate Professor. Applied jazz bass, improvisation, rhythm section master class.
Ed Soph, Professor. Applied jazz drumset, rhythm section master class.
Mike Steinel, Professor. Applied jazz trumpet, improvisation, pedagogy of jazz, jazz trumpet performance fundamentals.

Emeritus Faculty
Dan Haerle
James Riggs
Paris Rutherford
Neil Slater

Adjunct Faculty
Rosana Eckert. Applied vocal jazz, Vocal Jazz Techniques, Songwriting, Pedagogy for Non-Classical Voice (beginning in Fall 2014, Rosana Eckert will join our full-time faculty as a Senior Lecturer)
Stockton Helbing, Music Industry Entrepreneurship
Noel Johnston, Applied jazz guitar
Chris McGuire, Improvisation
Rich McLure, Applied jazz guitar
Brian Piper, Applied jazz voice and piano

Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants, Fall 2013
Patrick Carr, Zebras, jazz keyboard fundamentals
Cindy Dicken, jazz voice lessons; West End director
Gabriel Evens, piano, arranging
Dave Farrell, Latin Jazz Lab
Alex Fraile, Five O'Clock Lab Band, saxophone lessons
Julie Gray, U-Tubes trombone ensemble
Aaron Hedenstrom, arranging
Jack Helsley, bass lessons
Keith Karns, Six O'Clock Lab Band, jazz theory
David Morgenroth, piano, improvisation
Maria Naranjo, voice
Laura Otero, jazz singers
Sergio Pamies, jazz chamber music, Eight O'Clock Lab Band
Niels Rosendahl, saxophone
Kaitlyn Sakry, Jazz lecture series
A.J. Scardino, Seven O'Clock Lab Band
Julian Sutherland, saxophone lessons
Tyler Thomas, jazz singers, jazz voice lessons
Joakim Toftgaard, Nine O'Clock Lab Band
Michael Ward, Super 400 Electric Guitar Ensemble, guitar lessons
Drew Zaremba, Four O'Clock Lab Band, arranging

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