Maristella Fuestle on the early days of our program

Music librarian and guitarist Maristella Feustle, who earned a master's in Jazz Studies at UNT, is writing a series of blog posts on the history of the jazz program as part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the university.

Showcase Stage schedule at Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Alan Baylock is the new director of the One O'Clock Lab Band

The new director of the One O'Clock Lab Band is Alan Baylock, who currently serves as Chief Arranger for the USAF Airmen of Note and Jazz Composer-in-Residence at Shenandoah University. During the 2015-2016 academic year, while he completes his military service, Baylock will share the duties of director with Jay Saunders. Starting in fall 2016, Baylock will assume the director role full-time. To learn more about Alan Baylock's work, visit

Ben Herzick hired at SoundExchange

Recent UNT jazz studies master's alumnus Ben Herzick has a new job at SoundExchange. Ben reports:

Among other things, my role as a licensing and enforcement analyst will be to help new licensees (webcasters) through the licensing process. I will also research unlicensed webcasters and educate them on their responsibility to pay royalties to artists and sound recording owners either through the statutory license (the blanket license administered by SoundExchange) or through individual agreements with the artists and copyright holders of all the music they stream.
A simple way to explain the essence of SoundExchange's role is "Pandora pays SoundExchange, SoundExchange pays the artists and record labels."

SoundExchange's "about" page:

The database artists can search to determine if they have unpaid royalties waiting for them:

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