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One of the most important things The One O'Clock does is to take the good word of jazz to you live! It's great for the members of the group (nothing tightens up a band better than time on the road) and it brings the one-of-a-kind excitement of modern large jazz ensemble LIVE right to where you live.

There are almost limitless ways that the One O'Clock can put together an engagement that best serves your modern jazz needs:

  1. Concert
    • As part of a jazz festival
    • A stand-alone concert at a jazz club, high school, university, etc.
    • As a headliner at major functions
    • Combined with an orchestra as part of their pops season
  2. Concert with masterclasses
    • Each section breaks off and gives an instrument-specific presentation
  3. Concert with lectures and classes
    • Lectures by the director and specific students on composition, improvisation, rehearsal techniques, etc.
  4. Special lecture-concert presentations
    • Using the One O'Clock to demonstrate various aspects of modern large ensemble jazz
  5. Commercial presentations

As the One O'Clock is a specific world-renowned entity unto itself with multiple Grammy nominations, we generally charge a higher fee than union scale. This is due to the fact that, as a group, we often have transportation and backline needs specific to each engagement. Also, the group does not do engagements in a partial fashion augmented by other players. The One O'Clock is made up solely of UNT students via audition only and as such is an entity and must receive billing as such. If you have a job in mind for a wedding, or some other type of function that can be handled by our wonderful DFW area musicians, please click here (The Dallas-Fort Worth Professional Musicians Association, AFM Local 72-147) and hire local pros (most of which are alums of our program anyway!)

Every situation is different, but here is the basic procedure:

  1. Contact Craig Marshall, lab band manager
  2. Discuss the specifics of your event

For your convenience, here are links to One O'Clock press Materials suitable for your press releases, websites, ads and programs:

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