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Lab 2015 reviewed at AllAboutJazz

Jack Bowers reviews Lab 2015 at AllAboutJazz.

Lab 2015 released

Lab 2015 is here! You can order your copy on our online store. The first One O'Clock Lab Band CD under the direction of Jay Saunders features compositions by Drew Zaremba, Aaron Hedenstrom, Rich DeRosa, Garrett Wingfield, Kevin Swaim, and Brad Kang arrangements by Drew Zaremba. The dynamic artwork is by UNT alumnus and saxophonist Dustin Mollick.

"Angels We Have Heard on High" from the Dec. 6, 2014 Holiday concert

Lab 2014 released

Lab 2014, the new CD by the One O'Clock Lab Band, directed by Steve Wiest, will be released on Sept. 17, 2014. Pre-orders can be made now in our online store, and will start shipping on the release date.

Highland Park Live-Stream Event...

The One O'Clock Lab Band will be live-streaming from Highland Park UMC in Dallas this evening. 6:00PM Central Time. Check it out!

Allen Invitational with Stockton Helbing, Frank Greene, Denis DiBlasio and Wayne Bergeron!


The One O'Clock will be performing at a spectacular event on March 22: The Allen Jazz Invitational and Arts Festival. Being held once again the wonderful Allen PAC in Allen Texas, our guest artists this year will be Frank Greene, Denis DiBlasio, and Wayne Bergeron !

It is going to be EPIC, so get your tickets ASAP!


For More Info and Ticket Ordering: CLICK HERE

The December Issue of The Denton Messenger!

The newest issue of the legendary Denton Messenger just went out into the electric blue yonder of the cyberverse! What's that you say? You don't have a subscription? Well...fear not....JUST CLICK RAT CHEER and go git you one!


OR, you can visit the Denton Messenger Archives (undisclosed secret location) by CLICKING HERE.


Either way....YOU WIN!

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