"Off Minor" featuring Dennis Mackrel from the 2015 One O'Clock Lab Band Fall Concert

"Pistachio" from the 2015 One O'Clock Lab Band Fall Concert

"No Frills" featuring Dennis Mackrel from the 2015 One O'Clock Lab Band Fall Concert

"Neil" by Rich DeRosa

Lab 2015

Portuguese Soul

The Song is You

Blues for Gabe

Sleigh Ride

Angels We Have Heard on High

Lab 2013 Montage

Three One O'Clock Students Win ASCAP Composer Awards!

Miles of Shades: Lab 2012

Lab 2012 Montage: A collection of excerpts from our newest release, Lab 2012

The Last Theme Song: Lab 2011

Yesterdays: Lab 2011


Lab 2011 HD Montage

This is the high definition montage version of our newest release: "Lab 2011" Check it out and tell all of your friends about it! (also feel free to post it on your FB and/or websites)

On all of the videos from Lab 2011, please select 720HD for best viewing results.


"Newport" - UNT One O'Clock Lab Band Live from Birdland"


Jazz Education is Alive and Well at the University of North Texas

A new documentary short about the jazz program at UNT. Put together by our favorite film maker Bret Primack

Portrait of the One O'Clock

A new documentary vignette on the current One O'Clock and the Lab 2011 project. Interviews by Neil Slater, Dan Haerle, Rodney Booth, Steve Wiest and One O'Clock students. Put together by film maker extraordinaire Bret Primack

Lab 2011 Bret Primack Video

This is the latest video by Bret Primack (The Jazz Video Guy) from his recent visit at UNT.

Modus Operandy: Lab 2011

Rehearsal with Terrell Stafford from NTDaily on Vimeo.

Lab 2010 Montage

You'll notice that this montage and the other two Lab 2010 clips were used for our Grammy campaign. While we were passed over (along with some other spectacular groups:) in 2010, we will continue this Grammy video campaign each year. Enjoy!


New Cydonia (Lab 2010)

Composed by Steve Wiest


The Oracle (Lab 2010)

Arranged and composed by Kevin Swaim


Lab 2009 Montage

Grammy-Nominated for Best Large Jazz Ensemble


Ice Nine

Grammy-Nominated for Best Instrumental Composition

Composed by Steve Wiest
Listen to the studio cut of "Ice Nine" in the sidebar to the right »


Another Other (Lab 2009)

Composed by Neil Slater

From the Grammy-nominated Lab 2009.


"Dark Matters" - UNT One O'Clock Lab Band Live from Birdland

Composed by Dave Richards

Dave Richards composed this in honor of Neil Slater for the Nov. 22, 2008 retirement celebration. "This is a live direct-to-internet recording made by our Engineer-Deluxe Phil Bulla of Platinum Productions. Recorded in the studio on "Lab 2009".


"Ice Nine" - UNT One O'Clock Lab Band Live from Birdland

This video is from the same Phil Bulla live project in Birdland and was recorded in the studio on "Lab 2009"

"Newport" - UNT One O'Clock Lab Band Live from Birdland"


From the same Birdland gig, Phil Bulla project. This was a very special moment for us because it was a performance of a piece from the newly acquired Maynard Ferguson Library. Our on-going project is to take the classics from this collection (i.e. the Birdland Dream Band and 1960s era) and expand them to fit the larger One O'Clock instrumentation. In much the same way that Bob Curnow takes smaller ensemble works and expands them without losing the original sound and vibe, we are "Curnowizing" these classic works as well.

(Bob's great collection of charts can be purchased at Sierra Music)

Not only was this performance special due to the fact that it was our first time outside of Texas to perform some of this important music, but the specific piece "Newport" by Slide Hampton had not been played live in over 40 years. AND Slide Hampton himself was in the audience for the concert! He enjoyed the performance a great deal, and told us that he had written the original (initially called "Blues Suite") when he was 19!

Here is a shot from that night with the trombone section, Steve Wiest, and one of the most gracious legends in all of jazz: Slide Hampton:

L-R:front row: bass trombonist Jason Hausback, lead trombonist Dave Richards

L-R back row: alto saxophonist Collin Hauser, bass trombonist Matt Jefferson, tenor trombonist Carl Lundgren, tenor trombonist Luke Brimhall, Steve Wiest, Slide Hampton


ThaiBev Concert In Thailand

This video is from one of the major TV networks that were present at our concert in the summer of 2009 in Bangkok Thailand at the Central World Market.


Camel Back Blues

Composed by Evan Weiss, 2007

These are the videos included on the Lab 2007 Disc. Lots of great footage of the students, Neil, Phil, Craig et al. For those of you looking into attending UNT in the near future, this is a great window into life in the One O'Clock!

QuickTime version


Side Effects

Composed by Neil Slater

QuickTime version


On the Road with the One O'Clock Lab Band

QuickTime version


Why I Chose UNT (excerpt)

QuickTime version


Why I Chose UNT (complete)

QuickTime version


Fire Marshal

Composed by Dave Richards

QuickTime version


Mean Uncle Jelly Bags

Composed by Dave Richards

QuickTime version


Preparing to record

QuickTime version


Producing the One O'Clock Lab Band

QuickTime version


Entertainment & Nutrition at the recording session

QuickTime version

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