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1.16.4 What to expect in lab band auditions

Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone Auditions:
Sight reading music in ballad, medium and fast swing, and in straight eighth funk/Latin styles.
Evaluations are in areas of tone quality, intonation, time feel, note accuracy, and jazz conception.

Jazz Chairs (Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone):
By permission only (after having passed the reading audition). Evaluations are based upon improvisational skills.

Guitar Auditions:
Sight reading of chord symbols and single-note melodies, improvisation, and prepared chord solos.

Piano Auditions:
Students should: a.) prepare a solo piano selection of their own choice, b) be able to voice chords using inversions, c) read from chord symbols and written notes, d) demonstrate improvisational ability on a given tune (by sight with a play-along recording).

Bass Auditions:
Bring acoustic and electric basses (if both are played). Play bass lines and/or solo in swing, Latin, ballad, and funk styles. Students are evaluated on their ability to read chords symbols and notes, and on their ability to play with a good sound and feel.

Drum Auditions:
Students perform an initial sightreading audition and a preliminary playing audition with a Lab Band. For complete details, see the Percussion Lab Band Auditions sheet available from the Percussion Department.

Auditioning by Sections:
Sectional auditions are scheduled as needed to resolve placement of students in the higher bands.