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3.11.05 Q: How do I schedule the comprehensive exam?

A. How to register for the comprehensive exam:
1. Choose your third committee member. The first two committee members are the chair/grad advisor and your applied teacher.
2. Schedule a one-hour exam time that works for everyone's schedule. It must take place before the jazz studies deadline for the M.M. comprehensive exam, which is always two weeks before the Toulouse Graduate School deadline for receiving the results of the comprehensive exam (typically in week 9 or 10 of the semester). This policy began in fall 2010. This is to allow two weeks for those students who are assigned a review assignment as a result of the exam. Students who are assigned a complete retake may not retake it sooner than two weeks after the exam, but they may retake it before the end of that semester, or later, at the discretion of the faculty committee.
3. The Toulouse Graduate School deadline is labeled "Graduate: Departments Comprehensive Exams Report / Remove Grades Of I Deadline" in the detailed academic calendar. UNT keeps changing the URL so I will not link to it here.
4. You don't need to schedule a room. Exams are held in the chair/grad advisor' office.
5. There is not a class to register for to take the comprehensive exam.
6. The comprehensive exam can only be done in a fall or spring semester.