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Drumset and Vibraphone Auditions for Admission

Undergraduate Jazz Studies majors with a concentration in drumset must audition for admission to the College of Music in the following areas in addition to drumset:

Snare Drum: A rudimental and/or orchestral snare solo or etude; rolls, flams, and associated rudiments.

Marimba / Vibes: Scales and arpeggios: major, harmonic minor, and chromatic; an etude or jazz improvisation.

Required admission materials for Jazz Composition track of the Jazz Studies M.M.

The aesthetic for admission into the jazz composition track at UNT is built around a demonstration of competence in writing for and orchestrating for modern jazz, including a strong understanding of the modern large jazz ensemble, as well as various small group formats. It is also our belief that the strongest composers in jazz are performing instrumentalists and/or vocalists. Admitted students are expected to audition for a Lab Band or Jazz Singers when the fall semester begins.

Tell me about your work: Lily Maase

Lily Maase

B.M. in Jazz Studies, 2004

Lily Maase playing guitar on stage

What sort of work do you do?

I am a guitarist by trade, which means I do quite a lot more than simply playing the guitar. I own a small guitar school that specializes in group lessons in a rehearsal studio, as well as private lessons on a housecall basis. I have had this business, in some form or another, since 2003, which means it moved with me from Texas to New York in 2005.


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