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3.08 Master's degree plan

Each student in the master's program must file a degree plan once he or she has earned 12 graduate hours towards the degree. You are invited to file it before then.

You'll need a copy of the letter or email that stated your jazz studies leveling courses assigned after the review of your transcript and the results of your GPE exams, which is in the gradebook of the GPE organization on Blackboard. If you don't have those documents, you can request copies from the Office of Graduate Studies. You'll also need to refer to your transcript.

The degree plan form is a PDF that you type into in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, then submit. It might not work correctly if you do it in another PDF reader or in a browser.

Read these directions before completing the degree plan.

This is the Degree plan PDF form

At the same time you submit the degree plan form, you must also submit the Designation of advisory committee form, which is linked to this page on the Graduate Studies site.